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Author Topic: Personal list of NES Game Genie codes  (Read 105 times)

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Personal list of NES Game Genie codes
« on: April 15, 2017, 03:33:00 am »
@DJ Omnimaga wanted me to make this, so I am :P

I have an Everdrive N8 and an NES at home, and I love to play on it often. One thing that's sometimes fun to do, besides playing the games, is making up useful, funny, or just interesting Game Genie codes. I will post new codes I make for new games as I create them.

Also, yes, every code here is of my own creation.

Big Bird's Hide & Speak
ASETPAEYYou will select the right person, no matter who you select (game might softlock)
ENKLTTEIEveryone, no matter if they're the right person, nods their head after you choose them
ESETPAEYYou will select the right person if you select anyone that's not him
PEUTIAGAYou only need to select 1 person correctly to win the round
ZZEUTZTZAs soon as the characters enter, they are all Ernie; game softlocks after round

Blurred Lines 2048 (yes, that's a thing)
AAATATOnly 4 tiles spawn
EIIVTGMute the DPCM channel (no "Hey hey hey"s or "Everybody get up"s or similar will play)
ZEYVAIAlternate code to AAATAT

Kirby's Adventure
AAAPKTInfinite energy

Mario Bros
ENTSZZEarthquake when POW block is hit

AYATLAOnly need 1 dot to win

Sesame Street Countdown
ASPLULEvery number you choose within the level, no matter what, is counted as correct
AYIZELThe Count says that every number is correct, but it might not be
POPZAANo matter what number you choose, The Count will always say a glitch number called "ah ah ah"

Summer Carnival '92 - Recca
AXUSYKGG+KSKIPGUIActivates an interesting (unused) intro: the SEGA logo and jingle appear, then explode, and then the Nintendo logo drops down and plays the Game Boy startup sound effect

Super Mario Bros
AATLOGPowerups don't come out of blocks
AILALL2-player mode is disabled
AIPVEZEach Toad looks like Peach
AITELGPress B at a Toad to go back to the title screen and unlock "hard mode", effectively beating the game
ANYAAZA rather...umm...interesting way of starting on World 2
ANNEPIEYMario has the palette of Luigi
ASALPA+TGYOPOWalk around in the intro of 1-2 (can't escape)
AYOETGEY+YZVAEEZY+YZVASALIMario is always referred to as Luigi in-game
AYPVEZYou rescue Toad at the end of the game
AYTELGYou continue on to 9-1 at the end of the game (seems to break Coin Heaven; game crashes at World A-1 if you fall down)
AYZEPGPeach will tell you the princess is in another castle at the end of the game
GTAOZPThe Starman music plays instead of the regular music
GTLPXZEvery brick is loaded as a cloud
GVAPZGThe ground is rendered as clouds
GVPLAPYou don't die by falling down pits, but you come down in a sublevel (for example, falling down the pits in 1-1 put you in the underground section)
GVPOZGOnly one row of the ground is rendered
LYZSVAInstead of becoming Fire Mario when collecting a Fire Flower, the sky changes to night
NNILXIEvery mushroom/flower is replaced with a weird Koopa-shell powerup that acts like a Starman
OOIINGBecome Starman-invincible whenever you hit a block (WARNING: can crash emulators)
PZPPANEvery screen in the game scrolls (even the intro to undergroud/underwater stages, and the Warp Zones)
SUYLUYAnything that falls down the bottom will appear on the top, and vice versa (you can't escape Coin Heaven; buggy behavior with lifts)
VTAETUOnce you beat the game and can press B to select a world, you may select any world from 1 to 255 (world numbers appear as graphical garbage, and levels are loaded as garbage data; some may crash)
VTLAPEImmediately start in an inescapable water world (not the Minus World), but return to the title screen as normal once you die
XTLGGKLakitu's Spiny Eggs do not fall straight down; they veer to the sides based on your position, speed, and random chance (not tested completely)
XYTEIXPress B at the title screen to change the world you start in
  • Combine ANNEPIEY, AYOETGEY, YZVAEEZY, and YZVASALI for full gameplay as Luigi, even in 1 player mode! (Requires 2 chained GG devices, or some method/apparatus for entering more than 3 codes.)
  • Combine GTAOZP, GTLPXZ, GVAPZG, GVPLAP, and GVPOZG for a full Coin-Heaven-like experience! (For normal GG devices with only 3 codes, the middle 3 suffice.)
  • Combine VTAETU and XYTEIX to access any world from 1 to 255 right from when you start the game!

Super Mario Bros 3
AATEVTPause is disabled
EIGXLTIf you duck on any platform for long enough, you will fall through to the background
GGUXSKXV+KZUXNKXV+OGUXVKXVActivates Debug Mode on the menu if holding A+B on controller 2
NNXXKGAEAlways run as if your P-Meter was full
PAIUUTYou fall through to the background on white blocks instantly

Tetris (Nintendo)
AYIAEPPieces go down faster when you hold DOWN
ENTONAThe demo is desynced; you get the same pieces every time you play
EYTZAGPress START at the title screen to immediately skip the copyright notice
PALEGZShorter wait at the copyright notice (not too noticeable, though, to be honest)
ZALAAPPartly-functional 2 player mode!
  • Combine EYTZAG and PALEGZ to skip the copyright notice altogether!
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