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Media Talk / Re: Am I the only one? (sound frequency hearing levels)
« Last post by Travis on Today at 02:28:53 am »
I know this is an old topic, but here's an interactive page that makes it much easier to investigate hearing thresholds and such than that YT frequency sweep clip: http://www.szynalski.com/tone-generator/

You can slide the frequency around at will to look for dips/peaks in the sound. It might also be useful for getting an idea of frequency response and setting up equalization for your sound setup and such.

I notice the same apparently rather sharp peaks and dips with my (somewhat pricey) headphones, and the upper limit of my hearing still seems to be centered right around 14.5 kHz. I get a different set of peaks/dips on my dirt-cheap desktop speakers, and in fact it seems the latter actually sound more flat (though not perfectly so), at least as far as sine waves go. O.O No idea if it's my hearing or something wrong with my headphones or if maybe it's actually normal. I'm still trying to research this. One thing I'm starting to think which complicates matters is that there's a big difference between what a “perfect” frequency response measuring tool reads and what we actually hear, as I'm pretty sure the frequency response of our ears is anything but flat. Probably by design, even—for instance, in normal hearing the most sensitive hearing range is said to be at around the frequencies that are crucial in speech/communication, which probably isn't a coincidence.
PC, Mac & Vintage Computers / Re: MateoConLechuga tribute game ucc1
« Last post by kotu on Today at 12:42:09 am »
here we go

added the credits screen for you to enjoy   (-_(//));

PC, Mac & Vintage Computers / MateoConLechuga tribute game ucc1
« Last post by kotu on Yesterday at 10:02:38 pm »
Well I couldn't resist it so I'm posting the mockup of my front screen.

I sure hope @MateoConLechuga doesn't see this.....



Second screen mockup now attached, enjoy.
sorry for the spelling mistake, i just noticed

if you don't know what this is about... see competition thread here
Other / Re: Regex golf
« Last post by kotu on Yesterday at 09:33:39 pm »
Oh ok. I guess they must work then. I stand corrected.
Other / Re: Regex golf
« Last post by JWinslow23 on Yesterday at 09:31:11 pm »
BUSTED - this does not work. You are now busted.
What doesn't work? And how? I have tested these with all acceptable inputs.
Contests / Re: Unofficial Codewalrus Contest #1
« Last post by kotu on Yesterday at 09:22:24 pm »

I have an idea for a game which (if I make it) will feature weather, although in a pretty contrived sense. It will give the game more fun though.

Not gonna say anything else for now or make a thread, going to keep it secret until I have a first demo up and running.

Won't be a calculator game by the way, gonna be for PC.
General Music Talk / Re: What are you listening to?
« Last post by _iPhoenix_ on Yesterday at 04:40:18 pm »
The march from 1941.

Great song, crappy movie.
Other / Re: Regex golf
« Last post by kotu on Yesterday at 03:12:26 pm »
BUSTED - this does not work. You are now busted.
Music Showcase & Production with other softwares / Re: Kotu's tunes
« Last post by kotu on Yesterday at 08:35:09 am »
Not really I'll just make tunes for pleasure lol

Anyway, it's early days yet, but it looks like I MIGHT be getting some of my tunes signed by a label.... fingers crossed

- edit -
turns out he was taking the mick
bloody label owners!!
Music Showcase & Production with other softwares / Re: Kotu's tunes
« Last post by gameblabla on Yesterday at 08:30:59 am »
Lol, Kotu switching to Soundcloud was the worst thing he ever did.

Now he'll need to either switch back to Bandcamp or find something else.
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