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Drawing & Animation / Re: Calc animation thingie/project
« on: Yesterday at 11:04:05 pm »
@xMarminq_ ermm, (this is not your fault, I'm crappy at describing things)

Most of the graphics will be drawn on the graphscreen. I will take screenshots (the graphics on screen will pause every frame), then create a video from that. I will then add other scenes as necessary, namely the ones where I am "unable" to force reset the calc (I gave out too much already :P), and when I go onto "WalriiIrc" (locally saved so I can manipulate "users" to post what I want, for acting purposes. I will ask the users I am thinking of when I get to that scene. I plan on simply rendering text and just overlaying it in the final video.)
I can type out the entire script (holy crud it's like 10 notebook pages, but I am "dedicated") if it is needed.

Read it!

Site Discussion & Bug Reports / Re: Bugs with the site.
« on: Yesterday at 10:48:16 pm »
Or mine. I think Walrified is either in-dev (if it is, add my suggestions!) or flat out broken.
@p2 has different logic:
Is walriified Overfed or maybe sleeping...?

Other / Re: The funny quote thread (NSFW)
« on: Yesterday at 09:24:50 pm »
According to Wiktionary,
The plural form *walrii is doubly incorrect. Firstly, walrus derives from Danish, not Latin. Secondly, even if walrus were a second-declension Latin noun, [random sh*t]

Walrii are bae, walrii are life.

Urban Dictionary has the right idea:
The generally accepted term a group of more than one walrus (a glorious sea and land dwelling animal).

But then again, they define pain as
What happens when you reach into the blender to dislodge a stuck icecube without unplugging it first.

DJ Omnimaga   Sorunomes   5:34:34 PM
DJ Omnimaga   They are rare around here nowadaysD:   5:34:50 PM
DJ Omnimaga   Pony Walrus   5:34:57 PM
Sorunome   yeah idk   5:37:13 PM
Sorunome   i got cought up in pxls.space   5:37:19 PM
Sorunome   https://github.com/xSke/Pxls/graphs/contributors   5:37:46 PM
DJ Omnimaga   Yeah that seems like the internet communities killer Tongue   5:40:11 PM
DJ Omnimaga   I gave up cuz someone kept erasing my pixel   5:40:35 PM
Sorunome   lol   5:43:08 PM
Sorunome   well   5:43:10 PM
Sorunome   our foxes are awesome   5:43:12 PM
Sorunome   ^,^   5:43:15 PM
DJ Omnimaga   Lol   5:43:16 PM
Sorunome   you need to gather people to be able to put stuff   5:43:27 PM
DJ Omnimaga   I hope this isnt a permanent project tho lol   5:43:33 PM
Sorunome   oh i also did actual dev on the site   5:43:45 PM
Sorunome   ske even said htat i do more dev than him these days Tongue   5:43:54 PM
DJ Omnimaga   I would hate to lose p2 as cw staff x.x   5:44:02 PM
Sorunome   XD   5:44:11 PM
DJ Omnimaga   We never know considering what happened with freecodecamp   5:44:34 PM
Sorunome   what happened?   5:44:57 PM
DJ Omnimaga   Except the difference is pxl.space is actually fun if no one is being a d***head   5:45:16 PM
_iPhoenix_   ^^   5:45:28 PM
Sorunome   except the russian using bots all the time and outright denying it and then complaining about their accs getting banned XD   5:45:43 PM
_iPhoenix_   I fought for a single pixel for like 2 hours   5:45:52 PM
DJ Omnimaga   Soru two very active cw users vanished overnight when they started freecodecamp   5:45:52 PM
_iPhoenix_   lol   5:45:58 PM
Sorunome   what is freecodecamp?   5:46:01 PM
DJ Omnimaga   Some coding related thing that supposedly lasts two years

"two very active cw users vanished overnight when they started freecodecamp" lol

6:09:44 PM
xMarminq_   Why aren't my ppsts showing up here?   6:24:10 PM
xMarminq_   w00t   6:24:18 PM
xMarminq_   PURPLE PINEAPPLES!!!!!!!!   6:27:48 PM
xMarminq_   ...   6:27:55 PM
xMarminq_   Shocked   6:29:10 PM
xMarminq_   Azn   6:29:17 PM
xMarminq_   Halp   6:29:23 PM
CodeW_p2   Nüf? <3   6:29:31 PM
xMarminq_   nuf   6:29:43 PM
xMarminq_   see my problem?   6:29:51 PM
xMarminq_   check the posts   6:30:08 PM
*   CodeW_p2 noms xMarminq_ <3   6:30:08 PM
*   xMarminq_ got nommed   6:30:20 PM
CodeW_p2   XD trends is in a hidden area   6:31:08 PM
CodeW_p2   *CW   6:31:26 PM
CodeW_p2   But the bugs post should have shown up   6:31:47 PM
xMarminq_   whe then   6:32:34 PM
xMarminq_   well*   6:32:37 PM
CodeW_p2   Is walriified Overfed or maybe sleeping...?   6:32:37 PM
_iPhoenix_   yeah   6:32:43 PM
_iPhoenix_   or in-dev   6:32:51 PM
*   tr1|wrk has joined the channel   6:32:52 PM
_iPhoenix_   cuz it didn't post for me either   6:33:04 PM
xMarminq_   #BlameJason   6:33:17 PM
*   xMarminq_ lowers pitchfork   6:33:56 PM
xMarminq_   At lest chat doesn't need to be walriified   6:35:09 PM
xMarminq_   least*   6:35:17 PM

Site Discussion & Bug Reports / Re: Bugs with the site.
« on: Yesterday at 07:31:50 pm »
Ok. That's good to know!

Youtube has gone through a bunch of changes, so that seems logical.

Site Discussion & Bug Reports / Re: Bugs with the site.
« on: April 25, 2017, 10:34:53 pm »
Also, make it show edits...

You should also show karma changes, similar to a mention.

Maybe it's possible that the mall stops the IRC connection?

Yes, it probably does. Most public wifi's have filters that stop you from doing work on their wifi (idk why), and for some reason WIRC is considered work. I object. When WIRC is open, I get zero work done. (for example, I have math hw I should be doing rn)

Site Discussion & Bug Reports / Re: Bugs with the site.
« on: April 25, 2017, 10:28:16 pm »
I got that like 30 times yesterday.

It fixed when I reloaded the page, though.

Other / Re: Tell your crappy jokes here!
« on: April 25, 2017, 09:04:08 pm »
And it's extremely useful, if you know what you are doing. I don't.

Quote from: Weregoose
A programmer started to fuss,
as going to sleep was a wuss.
Looping 'round in his head,
While he was going to bed,
was: while (!asleep()); sheep++;

That is the most ingenious limerick I have ever seen, (replace "limerick" with "line of code" and you have my reaction to one of his code snippets...) and I've seen a lot of good limericks...

General Music Talk / Re: What are you listening to?
« on: April 24, 2017, 09:42:18 pm »

I really like how it turned out. I have listened to the file I uploaded (don't wanna watch my own video too many times) like 500 times. I am addicted to my own song...
wait, YOU created this song...?  O.O
Love it <3
Can I..... maybe use one or two songs like this from u for my games in the future...?
(once I start atively working on WalrusKingdom again, which will be in summer, I'd love to add music, and urs sounds perfect)  :thumbsup:

I did, and I'm very proud of it!

Quote from: video description
♫ ▇ ▅ █ ▅ ▇ ▂ ▃ ▁ ▅ ▃ ▅ ▅ ▄ ▅ ▇ ▅ ▁ ▇ █ ▅ ♫

All of the music I create can be used freely.
Just do not claim it as your own, and credit me.

♫ ▅ █ ▇ ▁ ▅ ▇ ▅ ▄ ▅ ▅ ▃ ▅ ▁ ▃ ▂ ▇ ▅ █ ▅ ▇ ♫

(translation: use it however, just credit me)
Yeah, IDC.

Trust me, I don't look at descriptions, either :P

EDIT: I can export it to any music format, but a .mp3 is available here

Media Talk / Re: Funny (and awesome) picture thread
« on: April 24, 2017, 08:14:07 pm »
I tell you, he/she should have paid me for downloading the song....

It wasn't anyone here, of course.

Media Talk / Re: Funny (and awesome) picture thread
« on: April 24, 2017, 06:21:18 am »

I was told there was no minimum. I am mad.

General Music Talk / Re: What does a walrus sound like?
« on: April 24, 2017, 02:50:24 am »
I could make it sound better, could you get me a midi download and I'll work some magic?

Drawing & Animation / Re: Walrii fanart
« on: April 23, 2017, 08:15:28 pm »
Yes, I will!

Drawing & Animation / Re: Walrii fanart
« on: April 23, 2017, 03:30:41 pm »
I don't want to change the topic of the thread too much, but here's

Other / Re: The funny quote thread (NSFW)
« on: April 23, 2017, 09:02:24 am »
Here's my 2¢ on math.

Code: [Select]
SopaXorzT    Choose your death with Coca-Cola! 1:03:53 PM
SopaXorzT Coca-Cola Classic - diabetes! 1:04:04 PM
SopaXorzT Coca-Cola Zero - cancer!

Code: [Select]
lol 1:04:47 PM
kotu companies are starting to use stevia which is good 1:04:52 PM
kotu it's 100x sweeter than sugar 1:05:40 PM
_iPhoenix_ I don't get the whole organic vs artificial. If two things are chemically identical, it shouldn't matter 1:05:40 PM
kotu dont think it has hardly any calories 1:05:50 PM
kotu just a plant 1:05:56 PM
_iPhoenix_ Neotame, which is artificial, has zero calories (just as many as Stevia, at any rate), and is 7,000 to 13000 times stronger than sugar 1:07:13 PM
kotu i think that something artificial would very rarely be chemically identical to something orgranic, dunno 1:07:29 PM
_iPhoenix_ They usually are 1:08:14 PM
kotu meh 1:08:53 PM
_iPhoenix_ Artificial sucrose, for example is even more pure than anything you can extract from a plant 1:08:55 PM
kotu i dont know much about it 1:08:57 PM
_iPhoenix_ It's more a preference thing 1:09:15 PM
kotu i like chemicals lol 1:09:32 PM
_iPhoenix_ "Chemical free" is bogus. What else is it made of? 1:10:20 PM
kotu i know 1:10:28 PM
_iPhoenix_ And the FDA lets 'em put it on food anyways...

Other / Re: The funny quote thread (NSFW)
« on: April 23, 2017, 02:00:46 am »
@kotu: a floor is not a desk              9:56:44 PM

It is unfortunate people have to say these things.

Code: [Select]
_iPhoenix_ Juju, your sig breaks forum rules! 10:51:20 PM
_iPhoenix_ "II - The forum software automatically limits signatures size, but even if it meets the restrictions, anything deemed too intrusive or flashy will be removed. Please keep your signature small" 10:53:44 PM
_iPhoenix_ lel 10:53:51 PM
_iPhoenix_ Go warn yourself (jk) 10:54:04 PM
kotu you cant touch her dude 10:54:16 PM
notipabot http://i.imgur.com/X45kQpP.gif 10:54:16 PM
kotu she runs the forum 10:54:20 PM
_iPhoenix_ ik 10:54:44 PM
_iPhoenix_ Joke 10:54:48 PM
kotu stnpf 10:57:06 PM
Juju Juju, you're warned this is the last time I tell you 11:00:52 PM
Juju oh f*** pls no 11:01:02 PM
Juju I'll ban you 11:01:09 PM
Juju nooooooo pls

Code: [Select]
_iPhoenix_ Is pirating your own audio illegal? 10:18:30 PM
kotu you can take yourself to court if you want i guess 10:20:07 PM
JWinslow23 In a moral sense, if it's unavailable otherwise, I'd say it's fine 10:20:20 PM
JWinslow23 In a legal sense, NO. 10:20:23 PM
JWinslow23 Law is funny like that 10:20:30 PM
_iPhoenix_ Ok 10:20:38 PM
JWinslow23 I'm not a lawyer, though 10:20:54 PM
JWinslow23 So take what I say with a grain of salt Tongue 10:21:01 PM
JWinslow23 I've pirated music before, iirc 10:21:15 PM
JWinslow23 At an age before when I knew what exactly it meant 10:21:27 PM
_iPhoenix_ I may or may not have pirated the audio for this: https://soundcloud.com/the-legend-of-iphoenix/halcyon-plains-peace from this: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_eTZAQuZWU4 10:21:40 PM
JWinslow23 And I use ROMs for the NES and other systems 10:21:47 PM
JWinslow23 Which may or may not be illegal 10:21:53 PM
JWinslow23 That's still a gray area

Code: [Select]
kotu dj minused me for using a slightly large and bold font in a post 9:44:36 PM
kotu might i ask 9:44:39 PM
kotu why the font size is provided in that case Huh 9:44:54 PM
_iPhoenix_ lol 9:45:31 PM
kotu ahh 9:47:03 PM
kotu he must be jealous because i started my own religion up 9:47:18 PM
kotu hm
Code: [Select]
kotu you are dealing with a nutter 10:03:35 PM
_iPhoenix_ You mean one of my own kind? 10:04:28 PM
kotu so jwinslow are you going to become kotuist? its free 10:04:29 PM
kotu probably, yes 10:04:40 PM
kotu btw iphoenix any bit you didnt understaNd and have a question, go Ahead. 10:07:10 PM
kotu some of it is useful 10:07:30 PM
_iPhoenix_ Sum up the religion in <25 words 10:09:00 PM
kotu jesus 10:10:41 PM
JWinslow23 Kotuist? 10:10:51 PM
JWinslow23 Oh non-Judeo-Christian God 10:11:03 PM
JWinslow23 Tongue 10:11:05 PM
JWinslow23 The religion/spirituality nut made his own religion again 10:11:19 PM
kotu non-Judeo-Christian God?? wat r u on about dude 10:11:51 PM
kotu all religions go on about god 10:12:04 PM
JWinslow23 I don't wanna say God because that implies I'm Christian 10:12:05 PM
JWinslow23 Tongue 10:12:07 PM
kotu maybe they all are talking about the same guy 10:12:15 PM
kotu i wonder 10:12:16 PM
kotu christians are nice[/code
kotu is an amazing person...

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