Author Topic: Walrus Kingdom (former PocketWalrus)  (Read 44323 times)

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Re: Walrus Kingdom (former PocketWalrus)
« Reply #225 on: March 11, 2017, 08:37:00 pm »
Well I'd first have to implement the smooth scrolling when walking around, and that's gonna break pretty much everything... :/
(scrollLock areas like the big garden, animated walking, ...)
I seriously dont know if I can do it >.<

omg just seriously after posting this I had the following idea:
instead of trying to move the walrus between two blocks I could do the following:
I multiply all map positions *24 (which is the tilesize)
I then adapt all the engine formulas with a /24 again to neutralize this.
So when editing the maps and stuff I can still work with the regular numbers. But the walrii will use the *24 ones.
So I can then actually use a grid 24 times thinner than the regular tile grid, which makes it super easy to put the walrii anywhere I want *-*
(sounds stupid, but for my code that's gonna make it a lot easier) ^.^

v0.4.7 The ZoomFix

- fixed character offset in zoom adaption
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