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Super Smash Bros Brawl running at 120 FPS

Started by gameblabla, November 24, 2019, 03:57:55 AM

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The Gamecube and Wii only support up to 60 hz.
In fact, the first video game console to support 120 hz is the Xbox One S & X and only one game supports it.
However thanks to cheat codes, hacks and Dolphin, it's possible to run some games at 120 FPS.

I can safely say that it does make a difference, even though it is minor but it's great enough that it's hard to go back to 60 fps...

Here's a video recording of Brawl running at 120 FPS (Youtube doesn't support 120 fps) :

You obviously need a monitor that supports 120hz+ otherwise you won't notice a difference.
For the sake of comparison, here's the same & characters at 60 FPS :

60 FPS feels very choppy after playing the 120 fps version for a while...

If you want to give it a try yourself, here's what you need to do :
- Compile Dolphin yourself with an Audio hack applied to the source code. (apply the diff)

--- a/Source/Core/Core/HW/SystemTimers.cpp
+++ b/Source/Core/Core/HW/SystemTimers.cpp
@@ -116,7 +116,7 @@
 void AudioDMACallback(u64 userdata, s64 cyclesLate)
-  int period = s_cpu_core_clock / (AudioInterface::GetAIDSampleRate() * 4 / 32);
+  int period = s_cpu_core_clock / (AudioInterface::GetAIDSampleRate() * 4 / 32) * 2;
   DSP::UpdateAudioDMA();  // Push audio to speakers.
   CoreTiming::ScheduleEvent(period - cyclesLate, et_AudioDMA);
- Add this to your user config (Right click -> Properties on a game entry):

EmulationSpeed = 3.00000000
- Use the following Gecko codes :

120HZ (slow mo)
04708d20 3f000000

Disable Vsync (input lag)
04023b88 60000000
04024028 481c4904

Slow Fix v3 (+ Debug c-stick)c2048b70 0000000c
7ccc3378 3cc080b8
80c64eb0 3ce08000
7c063840 38e00000
41800034 88060048
2c000000 41820014
80060040 2c000000
41820008 38e00001
3cc0805c 88c68a0b
2c060000 41820008
38e00001 7c671850
5460063e 7d866378
60000000 00000000

- Enable Audio stretching

The only issues is that the menu is too fast, the timer is double its speed (workaround is playing stock matches) and the cstick doesn't work properly.
All of these could be fixed with Gecko codes but no one seems to be interested to fix those...
Let's hope this changes.
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