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Topics - mazhat

I learned how to use the Doors SDK for assembly development as opposed to
typing in the opcodes by hand, and I was wondering if any assembly programmers
had any tips and tricks about the hardware and such.

In addition:
How can I become a better assembly programmer?
What are some projects I should work on?
Is there any pitfalls to look out for?
Something I made for school, but I think you guys would like this.
The interface is not very well programmed, but it works (just barely).

H- Change algorithms (From A* to Dijkstra and back)
C- Clear the board
LClick- Block Tile
RClick- UnBlock Tile
Enter/Return- Start the algorithm

Niches of these algorithms:
-Movement value is mathematically depressing: Going diagonally costs 1.4 units and not sqrt(2).
-You can always move diagonally to an open neighbor.

Remember to extract the file before running.
Yes! Inexplicitly named MOS Raiders.

For the last two months I haven't presented anything to show you.
                                      That ends now!

Featured here:
-Collisions to walls
-Stabbing and stabbing downtime
-Diagonal movement
-Player colorblindness

MOS Raiders will be a Zelda-like game. I decided that Zelda is a pretty simple concept, somehow Zelda AI is simultaneously
simple but difficult as death.

MOS Raiders gets the name from you being able to raid organisations.

It will probably have perma-death, whether it's optional is being decided.

Maps could be persistent if there's enough memory, otherwise I'll use procedural generation,
and if worse comes to worst I'll use random generation.

I usually like to leave pixel art up to the imagination, but
this is what goes through my head when I see the character.
I have some questions in order of how desperate I am to have the question answered:

1. Does the amount of read and write operations on a calculator affect it in anyway?
    Will writing a lot eventually deem it inoperable? ex: USBs after a certain amount of time start failing after so many writes.

2. What is the "best" calculator? (I define "best" as what you personally prefer, and say why.)

3. This one is specifically for you calculator hoarders. I'm looking at you Dj ;)
     Everything break eventually, so the question is:  what is the cause of your broken calculators?
     Physical damage (blunt force), wear and tear, bought it like that, or something unexpected?

Edit: Moving the questions for you guys to see!

4) What is the most interesting calculator program that you've encountered. (Let it be pushing the hardware to the limits, or something you really like)

5) Is C programming possible with the ti-84+ series of calculators? If so, is it even feasible?

6) What big projects have you worked on? ex. Are you a pioneer of programming on calcs? Did you help create the first Mario clones?
   6++) Explain your journey through the programming world, how did you start and where are you today?

Drawing & Animation / Mazhat's Art
April 11, 2017, 10:46:04 PM
EDIT 2018-07-22
I changed the name of the thread.
It was supposed to be a haha funny name,
but it seemed more like extreme self-centrism.
For the curious it was  "My very own art thread".

I don't have a tablet, sorry :^(
Just like you guys I like the occasional doodle,
and now I can share them with all of you :D

Of-course I don't only draw MOS in particular, it's just that my game and concepts are on my pc.

Hope you enjoyed! I'm not really an art guy, so don't expect depth or colour theories or weird-abstract things.

I'm not a music guy, and it stands out,
but I think you guys will like my efforts :))
They're only a few seconds long, so you'll get through all of them in under five minutes!

The list goes in order of my least favourite to favourite.

I don't work on this game religiously, because I don't want to get burned out :)
The game has gone through a few iterations,
the first engine is way more different than the latest edition.

Above is a screenshot of the graphics. Hope you likey.

The game started as an RPG which was a ripoff of Liberal Crime Squad.
Now it's a rip off of X-COM Apocalypse!

The game so far only has the technical stuff. Like path finding (A Star), Line of sight (As you can see in the picture),
and it even has a level editor, but the editor was made in a day, so you can guess what the quality of it is ;)

*The game takes place in a city and you must protect it from damage,
so basically just think of X-COM Apocalypse.
*If I can, I will add dwarf-fortress-like limb detachment and damage!
*The sprites are (hopefully) just place holders, but I have no idea where the art direction is going.

Thanks for viewing, and hopefully this belongs in this section!

p.s. If you have any ideas or questions, then please do share. I'm excited to hear about it.
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