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Thank you!
The OpenGL idea sounds very good.
I haven't learned OpenGL because it looks kinda scary with all the vertex buffers and stuff,
but once I get the time I'm going to figure it out properly.
Probably not, simply because the method for rendering is very inefficient.
I calculate every voxel's screen position and I use the painter's algorithm in particular.
I would love to make a true 3D sequel one day, but I am just focused on this for now.

Lots of stuff from my just-named program called "Foxel", a voxel renderer.
I'm going to use it to help me make harder things like buildings and vehicles.
PC, Mac & Vintage Computers / Re: MOS
December 05, 2019, 07:22:37 PM

It's getting pretty interesting.

I am trying to think of ways to program the "AI" for my game, but
it's kind of tricky. I don't really care if it's realistic, I
just want it to be interesting and fun.

I also want the AI to be somewhat dynamic,
and not just following a hardcoded path.

The only attachment type I am allowed to post is ".", and I'm not quite sure what that means,
but images don't work, and nor do gifs :(

Thank you!! :OOO
I just really love X-COM Apocalypse, so I made my game isometric,
also I made the rendering algorithm SUPER efficient, so now destruction can be HUGE!!

Edit: Why cannot upload images anymore? :(
I've still been working on this game every now and then.
I built a new engine, and it looks much prettier and stuff.
I thought you guys might like this!

As for the destruction, this is kinda what I'm looking for:

The algorithm for detecting when a structure should fall, and getting the buildings to do the "cascade" effect is very strange,
but also super efficient! I could make a tutorial in the future.
You guys got all the good ones, but there is one that I like called
Retro Game Mechanics Explained. It reminds me of GameHut.
The last time I worked on it was a while ago ~w~
but I could always go back to it! I would love to change the code a little and finish this though :)
How long has it been since you've started?
Hello! Welcome to the greatest website on earth, as nominated by myself.

Edit: Made an error.
I've got some Rogue [1980] level generation going on now!


Absolutely terrifying!

Thank you! I am stealing a bunch of stuff from other games I like.
My goal right now is to make an accessible Nethack-like game.
I would rather be making a turn-based roguelike, but I think this is more important (and somewhat unique).

>:] Haha, stolen_avatar.jpg

There is no public build, because I'm getting the engine ready (this game is pretty early in development).
So far all you can do is walk around and mess around with the NPC enemies.

Path-finding update!
There's now path finding and stuff. It's sub-par but woks for a game of this style.

You can also make your own characters using a '.actor' file.

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