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Welcome to CodeWalrus: A software development community with a focus on retro-gaming, music and pixel art on various mobile platforms, including graphing calculators, as well as game consoles and PC.

Since October 2014, our active members and staff have released several new games for the Sega Dreamcast, Panasonic 3DO, Atari 2600, TI-84 Plus, TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition, TI-84 Plus CE, TI-Nspire CX, HP Prime, Casio fx-9860G, Android phones and computers. This includes First Fantasy: Mana Force, Sorcery of Uvutu, Reuben Quest: Lost Between Times, Oiram CE (a Super Mario clone), SQRXZ CE, KillMinds, VVSSV, Line++, Lazer 2, GalagACE and Wal-Rush! Various existing games, such as This is the Only Level, Androides, Billybox, Mandragore, Bejeweled, Flappy Bird, Pac-Man and Pac-Attack, were also ported to TI calculators by our users and various retro gaming console emulators (SNES, Turbografx-16, Sega Genesis, Master System, etc) were released for the TI-Nspire CX.

Aside from game development, our participating forum users have released notable tools such as ICE Compiler, Houstontracker 2, CEmu, the C SDK and Libraries for the CE. We also have our share of musicians and pixel artists as well, along with a massive database of MTV Music Generator series songs from the remains of TIMGUL. A lot of new projects are also active in the development section, ranging from new games to programming utilities and 3D engines, so expect new releases at any moment. Make sure to visit the authors' topics to voice your suggestions and encouragements!

We intend to provide a friendly place to discuss your favorite topics, to hang out and to showcase your projects and releases, so hopefully you feel at home here. Registration is free and only takes a few seconds!

April 05, 2017, 06:04:49 pm by DJ Omnimaga | Views: 742 | Comments: 16

Notable Game and Software Releases

Another busy calculator and non-calculator projects development month has ended and it's now time for the March 2017 Monthly CW Project Award poll! Out of the 28 active projects this month, 26 are eligible to participate again and are listed in the poll above or below:

(83+/84+) BigDecimal84
(83+/84+) Connect4
(83+/84+) Driller Knight
(83+/84+) Lazer 2
(83+/84+/CSE) Sorcery of Uvutu
(84+CSE/CE) Linux TI-BASIC Clone
(84+CSE/CE) Orbit84
(84+CSE/CE) Pure TI-BASIC Raycaster
(84+CE) ICE Compiler
(84+CE) Pirate Space Kitties
(84+CE) StopwatchCE
(84+CE) TI-Planet CE C Project Builder
(84+CE) Walrus Cheese Run
(89/89T) Jumpman 68K
(Nspire CX) gpSP-Nspire for HW-W
(Nspire CX) Kern Method
(Nspire CX) Puzzle15
(Casio) The P7 Project
(Multiplatform) Clouttery Battery Monitor
(PICO-8) Streamp8
(PC) Color Speedrun
(PC) MOS: Apocalypse
(PC) PalmOS Emulator
(PC) Superstar Hero
(PC) Walrus Kingdom
(Hardware) RPN-Calculator

As always, all entries are competing against each others, regardless of the platform. Have you spotted projects this month that you think are more notable in particular or that you liked in particular? Select six (6) options in the poll attached to this topic (requires 20 posts) then click Submit! And don't forget to visit each topic again to give authors encouragements and suggestions!

You have You have until April 12th to vote, so hurry up!
March 31, 2017, 08:20:59 am by Juju | Views: 1135 | Comments: 35

Hey guys, here on CodeWalrus we always strive to give you the best experience we can on the forums. We heard your complains and suggestions, so the staff team decided to transfer the site to a completely new forum software we wrote. We were working on it a bit in secret since a while now, there's still a few issues we should figure out, but things should work. It's a completely novel way to use the forum, I guess you'll have to get used to it a bit, but I'm pretty sure you'll like it. The change will occur sometime today as most of the server admins will be on, if you don't see it right away there will be a prompt to try the new site out, and the best thing, if you don't like it you can always go back to the previous interface as we know it as both sites will run in parallel.

Just warning you before we put it online, if you have issues with the new thing, you can always complain as usual in the usual section. Otherwise, have fun!

And yeah, I see the date, I assure you it's completely unrelated. You know me, my "april fools" changes always tend to stick, eh MLP Québec, who completely changed URLs and names on a 1st of April? :P

EDIT: Happy April's Fools, of course the site ain't gonna change, but if you liked it, you still can access it from https://codewalr.us/os
March 27, 2017, 10:27:42 pm by DJ Omnimaga | Views: 519 | Comments: 11

Notable Game and Software Releases
WaterMelon has been working on a Sega Genesis/Mega Drive beat-em-up game dubbed Project Y for a while and now it's coming to fruition. There's a countdown timer on the game website in hexadecimal: http://paprium.com/

There isn't much info about the game yet, but the screenshots look amazing as well as the soundtrack so far O.O.

Here is an official video of the release:

Also they say it's the largest Sega Genesis cartridge ever created, in terms of ROM size. I might try to pre-order a copy if my budget allows it. You can pre-order a real Sega Genesis cartridge complete with the box and manual for $70 at https://www.magicalgamefactory.com/en/factory/projecty_2/
March 13, 2017, 07:05:54 pm by DJ Omnimaga | Views: 478 | Comments: 6

Notable Game and Software Releases
For the second time in a row and the fourth overall, the latest Monthly CW Project Award survey ended with two winners, so here is a new poll to determine which of the two will win the February 2017 award:

(84+CE) gLib 3D Library
(Hardware) RPN-Calculator

This poll will expire in three days (or if it's still tied afterwards, it will continue running until the tie is broken and a staff notices), so make sure to vote as soon as possible!
March 05, 2017, 06:00:45 am by DJ Omnimaga | Views: 776 | Comments: 13

Notable Game and Software Releases

The February 2017 poll for the Monthly CW Project Award has now started. As said in the previous topic, all 2016 projects that did not win the yearly award were reset and can participate again in 2017. Out of the 24 active projects this month, 23 are eligible (since Age of CEmpires I won the January 2017 award):

(83+/84+) Digger
(83+/84+) Lazer 2
(83+/84+/CSE) Sorcery of Uvutu
(84+CE) C SDK & Libraries for CE
(84+CE) gLib 3D Library
(84+CE) Golvellius: Valley of Doom
(84+CE) Kill CMND
(84+CE) Pirate Space Kitties
(84+CE) TI-Planet CE C Project Builder
(84+CE) Walrus Cheese Run
(Nspire CX) Puzzle15
(HP Prime) Minecraft 2D
(HP Prime) PrimePaint
(PC) Color Speedrun
(PC) Game of Lyfe
(PC) Superstar Hero
(PC) Walrus Kingdom
(Multiplatform) Clouttery Battery Monitor
(Multiplatform) Evil Australians
(Web) Finding Missing Ends in TI-BASIC
(Hardware) RPN-Calculator
(Hardware) Keyberry Pi

As always, all entries are competing against each others, regardless of the platform. Have you spotted projects this month that you think are more notable in particular or that you liked in particular? Select five (5) options in the poll attached to this topic (requires 20 posts) then click Submit! And don't forget to visit each topic again to give authors encouragements and suggestions!

You have You have until March 12th to vote, so hurry up!
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