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[TI-84+CE] Isometric tilemap test

Started by tr1p1ea, March 24, 2016, 02:35:49 AM

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I had previously created a small isometric tilemap test for the CSE shown below:

And I have since ported it over to the CE:

Just a proof of concept and really to test a 16x16 sprite routine. A proper implementation would work much faster which is encouraging.

Dream of Omnimaga

That speed is kinda good actually. Given how fast characters walk in an RPG, I could very well see this used for a Mario RPG clone. The slowdowns come from the fact you draw multiple layers of blocks I think. If you could find a way to only draw what is visible, then that would greatly help. But then you would lose the ability to allow the main character to pass under bridges and such stuff (although you could just make the sprite disappear completely under stuff).

Nice sprites, by the way, especially that last one :D
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