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Other / Re: New member introductions: Say hello here!
September 03, 2017, 08:38:01 PM
hey there Steve,
Since you're new to this topic:
BASIC is, as the name says, a very basic language, It's super easy to use but can't do that much things and is rather slow - but enough for BASIC games  ;)
Axe is something special some genius came up with. it's basically basic, but with all kinds of new commands (maybe twice as many) and you have to learn a little more about how the hardware works to fully understand it. But it's incredibly fast and can do almost anything! It's special since you will have the App AXE on your calc, that will compile (translate) ur axe code to ASM, making it super fast.
ASM is like 0980F0A375BB8DA1 and weird stuff liek that (hexadecimal code)... noone except the ASM guys understand it, aaaand it's different for every CPU (so ur pc, ur calc, ur second calc, ur smartphone... ASM is different on each of them...) It's suuuper hard to learn, but it's soooo fast x.x

if you already know the VERY basics (loop, if, else, ...) then start with Axe and you will have a lot of fun  :thumbsup:
Now featuring: A huge fat house  :thumbsup:
This will probably be the town library, or at least it was planned as such.
Even tho I'm still not sure how to implement a library in the game's story...
(Maybe just a place to scroll through all the lame dialogues you skipped earlier?)
Hey there and welcome to the site, @TheLastMillennial :)
I'm not sure if I should answer the question for the post button... since you posted the question  ;D

And pls don't tell me this weird stuff has already spread to Cemetech as well... >.>
I began working on the savegame and besides the basic vars like current map and player position there's almost no reference to the old code necessary. So I have Time to Review the rest of the code before having to work with it ^^
Nice, glad to hear that :)
btw in case something goes wrong, how much extra time for such cases have you planned in on your statement to release it on August 5th? :)

(Rick and Morty Season 3 release sunday July 30 and only on adult swim, weeee!)
This topic has been moved to Topic Graveyard.
Thx to the kind spambot for sharing it with us.
Nastrovje <3
(or however that is written, idk...)
me has officially continued work on the Walrus Kingdom project.
Buuut I first have to work a bit with my code again (havent looked at it for a while) so I'm now going for savegame and stuff like that, maybe also tools and more key functionality.
Will (if at all) do graphic updates like smooth scrolling laaaaaaaaaaaater :)

me is still waiting for the food  :'(
*boops @Unicorn
I use Paint.Net as well. It doesn'T have as many tools as Gimp but if you know how to use the tools you can get great results from it
Awwwww I love the fact the walrus says Nüf! ^.^ <3
Also the horse is awesome!! :D
Hardware / Re: The WalrusLink Project
June 22, 2017, 12:03:58 AM
that should be possible, but mind that the entire downscaling would have to be done on the PC's side since the calc would lack the processing power. So we'd end up with a blurred image whene u could see almost nothing of any GUIs and stuff, abd it would be a mere slave, non-functional without the right software on the computer (just like that good old irc program for the 83+)
Drawing & Animation / Re: My very own art thread
June 12, 2017, 01:35:00 PM
omg I totally love how the right guy's eyes go derp  :love:
great work!  :thumbsup:

But this somehow reminds me of this...
iirc there was a walrii having tiny flapping wings, they would probably fit in pretty good if the walrii can jump that heigh ;)
Gaming / Re: Ravenfield
June 10, 2017, 04:55:42 PM
You can literally spend 4 or 5 hours straight shooting at minecraft like characters and still won't get bored of doing it. It's a great game and the rather simple graphics are actually a positive point ;)

About the new ravenfield:
the updates looked great, but I dislike the fact it's only available on steam... :/
Also it looks like they updated the character models, which I don't like either :/
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