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For some reason I thought I had a Mode 7 topic here, but I cannot find it (If a mod finds it please merge etc)

I have been messing with Mode 7 style effects for the calcs for ages and have recently ported some code over to the CE to see how it runs. At this stage it seems to work ok, but there is a lot of room for improvement as always.

Here is a test screenshot, note that the test sprite is only 3 frames so it looks weird when turning, but it is just a test:

Note that I'm not sure if I'll actually finish anything with this as I have a terrible record for that. And if I do it wont feature any Mario Kart graphics directly, the sprites are just for testing ... Maybe I can feature a Walrii Kart?!
Over the past few years I have been developing a 3D engine for the z80 line of calcs with the aim of creating a Star Wars inspired space sim. Although that never happened I did release a 3D model viewer which can be found here:

Some test screenshots:

I haven't touched it in a while and although I did port it to the CSE as a VERY quick test () it never went anywhere so I thought that I would bring it to the CE given the increase in power that the platform has. At this point in time there are only a couple of test screenshots:

With the Star Wars craze still going I was thinking about picking up where I left off regarding the space sim, though anything of that calibre would be a while off.
I had previously created a small isometric tilemap test for the CSE shown below:

And I have since ported it over to the CE:

Just a proof of concept and really to test a 16x16 sprite routine. A proper implementation would work much faster which is encouraging.
I have been working on porting over xLIBC to the CE and after a slow start have been making some good progress of late.

At this stage I have a number of routines for tilemaps, sprites, images, key input, drawing strings and such already ported, along with support routines for collision detection and map checks etc.

There have been some nice speed improvements with the CE version even in the current unoptimised state (working on functionality first).

Here is a tilemap scrolling test:


And this morning I ported over the BGPIC & BGPIC32 functions as seen below:

I should have noted that this is the CSE xMEME example program running completely unaltered.

I have implemented 'frames' for both BGPIC's and BGPIC32 images so that you can store multiple images in a single appvar. Here is a speed test between the CSE and the CE:


I have also ported enough routines so that the xZELDA demo works in fully. Note that this program is unaltered from the CSE version:
Recently I have been very busy IRL and unfortunately haven't had a lot of time to dedicate to coding and stuff. I have finally set up my workstation at my new house and decided to work on a couple of Unity kits which can be turned-around quite quickly.

I have a couple of puzzle games that are basically Minecraft themed from a graphics perspective (while I continue to work on my own Minecraft/Cubeworld game:

Swipe Craft:

Jump Craft:

Nothing crazy and these are pretty much just repacks but it's good to be getting back into the swing of things again.
A few years ago I started rewriting a game that I wrote even longer ago called Desolate. After recently recovering the source I have been working through the code trying to figure out where I was at.

I have successfully ported this program to a 2-page APP ... meaning that I have some extra data space to play with :).

I also managed to find a copy of the map editor posted earlier which is nice. I have updated it slightly and mapped all the doors in the game so you can at least walk around the entire map now.

I have also properly implemented shooting and allowed for different weapons that shoot different looking projectiles, firing rates and bullet speeds. I also plan on having a laser weapon that shoots an instant line (and some other surprises hopefully :)).

Along with fixing a lot of bugs that I've encountered - hopefully I can keep at it.

Phones & Tablets / Mincraft [Android]
June 30, 2015, 12:45:01 AM
I thought I would post some info about an Android project that I'm currently making in Unity.

Basically its a minimalistic Minecraft(or similar) hence the name 'Mincraft'.

Here is an early test video, however many things have changed from this version:

For performance reasons I had to do away with the infinite world generation and confine it to a specific size. I have managed to add simple caves, water/lava as well. Working on non-interactive mobs at present.

Note that I havent begun to lock down the UI as yet.
Phones & Tablets / Kitty Crossy!
June 02, 2015, 08:04:58 AM
Kitty Crossy! is a cross the road/obstacle themed game that is easy to play.

A video can be found here:

You can download here:

Let me know what you think!
I have a small number of games that come under the 'zCraft' banner. All of which are horror based, minecraft inspired survival game.

The latest edition is based on Slenderman!

Here are some screenies:

You pretty much run around and collect the notes, 8 of which are required for victory. If you see Slenderman, RUN! There is a torch toggle for near/far light as well.

It is on the play store here but you can download it from my website for free as well:
I posted this screenie in chat a little while ago when talking about some CSE scrolling issues. It's from my doomed Cemetech contest entry that I am *hoping* to have more progress on in coming months.

Basically it's like Mario, but featuring cats (due to the contest).

I think I might only get it to demo stage (especially due to the CE coming out), with a level to run and jump in, some simple enemies and stuff.

To satisfy the space element, well it is a different planet and all, but I was going to have a starfield effect in the background as well.

Note that for some reason its really jerky in the emulator, not so much on calc.
Drawing & Animation / Game mock-up graphics and ideas
February 08, 2015, 06:49:05 AM
I thought that I might start a mock-up thread since they are always interesting :).

Here is the one I posted in DJ's other thread. This is a simple xLIBC demo of a concept DJ posted a few months ago:

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