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Author Topic: SDL/n2DLib ports for TI Nspire  (Read 72664 times)

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Re: SDL ports for TI Nspire
« on: September 03, 2015, 02:06:09 am »
I wonder if Final Fantasy III (the remake of the NES game) will work on it.
^That was funny
Square never released FF3 on Wonderswan due to technical problems.
On the other hand, FF1, FF2 and even FF4 were released on WS.
Square even said how they fell real hard on their asses when they tried to port FF3 to WS.

When the calculator is overclocked, how much slower than the real console is it?
When overclocked to 266mhz, about 3 times slower.
Oswan badly needs an ARM recompiler

To answer your question, yes, they work properly.
I still need to check if it crashes randomly though...
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