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Author Topic: SDL/n2DLib ports for TI Nspire  (Read 117881 times)

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Re: SDL ports for TI Nspire
« on: August 30, 2015, 04:26:20 pm »
I have not done much because i was trying to improve Oswan for GCW0.
I still found some time to fix a annoying bug my RoQPlayer.

RoQ is a video format similar to CinePak.
To convert a video to RoQ, you can use ffmpeg.
This new update removes the annoying cursor when a video was playing.
You can download it here :https://tiplanet.org/forum/archives_voir.php?id=296214


Wow, that looks amazing! I wish the CSE could do that kind of thing.
Since the TI-84+CE is faster and can run C, I wonder if SDL could be ported to it and allow such games to be ported? After all, since Out of this World could run on a SNES, shouldn't the 84+CE be able to run it too?
No, he's right, something like SDL would probably be infeasible due to overall low memory.
I have to remind you that the proc is still 8-bits...
Something like Out of this World could be done even in C if properly coded but that's about it.
Also, that C compiler you're talking about is proprietary. I'm not even willing to touch that.

Anyway I am curious about what gameblabla have in store next in terms of TI-Nspire SDL game ports.
If the issue with floats is solved then i can release a proper version of Genesis Plus GX, Meritous, NeoPop etc...
If not, well i would have to look for new software to port.
I do plan to re-release my old nspire games (Cass' Gueule, Rainbow Dash v1.5, Where's Derpy), make them faster
and release them as a part of a compilation.
There's also Ganbare Natsukisan i need to port as well.
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