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Author Topic: Mode 7 test project  (Read 2731 times)

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Re: Mode 7 test project
« on: January 05, 2018, 06:53:43 am »
Thanks! This is just a testmap and I dont plan on using any actual SNES maps etc - all maps need to be specifically made properly - but the tracks are just 2D tilemaps. I should also note that the engine is running at half-half resolution for the track ... which is why it can look lowish quality when up close, but it's for speed.

Minor update - I was tossing up between sprite scaling at runtime or pre-sized sprites. The old speed vs size ... I really didnt like the idea of KB's and KB's of sprite data but I was a bit skeptical of runtime scaling. The results thus far are promising for scaling as shown here:

At present I can have 8 of these 24x24 sprites on screen and still maintain 32fps. Of course there is no collision detection, HUD, AI or anything which would slow things down further. I only plan on having 4 player races for speed reasons.

I also added a scrolling background as well to make things look a little more like a proper racing game:


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