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Author Topic: UniChat!  (Read 3779 times)

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Re: UniChat!
« Reply #30 on: December 22, 2017, 02:07:58 pm »
A lot of changes have happened this week! (I do know it's Friday, I am busy on other projects for the rest of the week. I quite like the idea of weekly update posts, I'll probably keep doing them unless nothing has happened that week.)

(click to show/hide)

* Moved the code handling bots away from the user, due to security. (You could give your self insane quantities of karma really easily. All bots are now controlled from the Admin Console).
* Fixed the bug where messages from bots would appear twice.
* Fixed the bug where return messages from ~karma would sink to the bottom of the page on reload.
* Fixed the bug where /pm's would show up as 'undefined' in the chat log, and you would get notifications from /pm's that you shouldn't see.
+ Bot API (lets you write your own bots) is working, just need to write some docs. (yay fun. I have the first two pages done.)
- Unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to the "get recent pm's" button, because:
  • It never worked as intended.
  • It was unfixably buggy.
  • It had some huge security flaws.
+ Added notifications: https://github.com/Legend-of-iPhoenix/UniChatDemo/wiki/Notifications
+ Added link detection! (I used small snippets of SAX's link detection script, credits are in the readme, and the actual snippet is here)
* Tightened up security.
* Merged karma over from the closed beta, and did a database check to find all <username>++'s and increment karma as necessary.
+ (edit) Added Battlesquid's flame effect to his username in the profile.
+ (edit) Added all kinds of cool commands.
+ (edit) Added semi-functional username linking.
* (edit) Updated the docs with the new commands.
+ (edit) Added documentation on the bot API, available here:  part 1 and part 2
+ (edit) Work has commenced on a small, UniChat-like bot platform, that is entirely local and lets you test your bots without me going in and making them part of UniChat. (Which may take a while.)

The Closed Beta Testers (Codename: CITY, due to a PM I sent them, titled "Can I Trust You?") were: (in no particular order) TheLastMillennial/TLM, Battlesquid, SM84CE, and xMarminq_.

They all have ethereal, glowy usernames in their UniChat profiles, but I'm giving them the option to have it be whatever they want. I remember that Battlesquid wants (edit: and now has) flames, (as a side note, the flame text currently in jcgter777's signature is from that experiment, I showed Battlesquid a demo picture via SAX, and he wanted a firey version of his username, too!) and other members of the closed beta can submit their choices here.

Without their testing, UniChat would be much, much more primitive, and I don't think I would have had the motivation to get this far.

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