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Author Topic: Age of CEmpires I  (Read 40311 times)

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Re: Age of CEmpires I
« Reply #135 on: January 06, 2018, 06:35:19 pm »
Here's some more general information about the sizes and whatever:
  • All the buildings and unit for each age will be stored in 1 appvar (I still need to check if this is possible for age III, since that age has too much buildings). This means you always have transfer at least 4 appvars
  • There will be another appvar with all the standard sprites which is needed in every age, such as cursors, foundation, rubble etc. This is the 5th appvar.
  • The last appvar contains the sprites for the main menu, which is 34kB in total. This is the last and 6th appvar. In order to get AoCE running, you need to transfer 6 appvars and 1 program to the calc :P No worries though, everything can be put into the archive, such that it won't take up RAM.
  • Looking at this pastebin, you see that age 4 will take up the most RAM, in total 83686 + 37591 = 121277 bytes. This simply doesn't fit into free RAM, excluding 32768 bytes for the map data, all the units, and AoCE itself which will be around 30kB I hope. Thus, AoCE will always backup RAM and use full RAM, which should be enough. I've spend 2 days to get this fully working, and it finally works (kinda). Here are some screenshots of the process :P

  • Meanwhile, the main menu is already fixed, and I still need to add some code to load sprites from appvars to the RAM.
And that's it! I'm working super hard to get everything working so stay tuned. If you really want to follow the process, join #aoce-dev on EFnet :)


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