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Welcome to CodeWalrus: A software development community with a focus on retro-gaming, music and pixel art on various mobile platforms, including graphing calculators, as well as game consoles and PC.

Since October 2014, our active members and staff have released several new games for the Sega Dreamcast, Panasonic 3DO, Atari 2600, TI-84 Plus, TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition, TI-84 Plus CE, TI-Nspire CX, TI-89, TI-92, TI Voyage 200, HP Prime, Casio fx-9860G, Android phones and computers. This includes First Fantasy: Mana Force, Sorcery of Uvutu, Reuben Quest: Lost Between Times, Oiram CE (a Super Mario clone), SQRXZ CE, KillMinds, VVSSV, Line++, Lazer 2, GalagACE and Wal-Rush! Various existing games, such as This is the Only Level, Androides, Billybox, Mandragore, Bejeweled, Flappy Bird, Pac-Man and Pac-Attack, were also ported to TI calculators by our users and various retro gaming console emulators (SNES, Turbografx-16, Sega Genesis, Master System, etc) were released for the TI-Nspire CX.

Aside from game development, our participating forum users have released notable tools such as ICE Compiler, Houstontracker 2, CEmu, the C SDK and Libraries for the CE. We also have our share of musicians and pixel artists as well, along with a massive database of MTV Music Generator series songs from the remains of TIMGUL. A lot of new projects are also active in the development section, ranging from new games to programming utilities and 3D engines, so expect new releases at any moment. Make sure to visit the authors' topics to voice your suggestions and encouragements!

We intend to provide a friendly place to discuss your favorite topics, to hang out and to showcase your projects and releases, so hopefully you feel at home here. Registration is free and only takes a few seconds!

January 10, 2015, 05:29:33 am by xlibman | Views: 2711 | Comments: 5

Calculators in General
I created a new topic for this rather than using the previous POTY discussion thread, because it wouldn't have let me publish this post on the front page otherwise. But tonight, the POTY 2014 results have been published!


I would like to say congratulations to all the participants who contributed such notable programs for 2014, but especially the winners of each Program of the Year 2014 category: Sorunome, KermMartian, Vogtinator and SirCmpwn!

For the TI-83+/84+ series, the winning program was the ASM remake of my 2005 hybrid BASIC RPG called Reuben Quest: The Lost Mirror, the first ASM RPG release in almost a decade. Ironically, like in 2005 with the original Reuben series, the two 2014 remakes were competing against each others. For the TI-84+CSE, after a tight contest with Solitaire, it is finally JezzBall that won. For the TI-Nspire category, another Minecraft clone, this time in 3D and by Vogtinator, has won. Finally, for the new multiplatform category, KnightOS Kernel won.

We hope to see more awesome programs from TI community members this year. Don't forget, as always, that when you release something big, to let staff know in case they don't see it, and of course make sure to upload it in their archives. :D
January 01, 2015, 02:47:30 pm by xlibman | Views: 2377 | Comments: 5

Over two months after being founded and 7 weeks after its forum started operating in private mode, CodeWalrus finally opens its doors to public!

<iframe width="640" height="385" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

It all started early in June 2014, when the idea of creating this new forum came to birth in a discussion between me and pimathbrainiac. On October 24th, it finally started for real, with us two, along with aeTIos, juju and Streetwalrus as founders. Many reasons were behind the starting of this site, first of all bringing more diversity to the TI community, so you might notice that some things operate a bit differently around here sometimes, but we would like to welcome you to CodeWalrus forums, a community for fans of mobile, calculator (mostly TI-84 Plus, TI-Nspire and HP Prime) and computer programming, as well as hardware, retro gaming and art! :)

We encourage you to introduce yourself so that people know more about your hobbies or yourself. :) More features will be unlocked in your forum profile as you post more messages (such as the ability to setup an avatar, signature or to send private messages).

If you need help using the forum software, we have an help section available for you. We also have an about page with more information about CodeWalrus itself and you can review the rules at any time here. Should you need help on something missing from there or want to give feedback, feel free to post in the site discussion board. 

Once you are set, head to the forum index or the Latest Activity section. We also have a few games available for download, all of which are made by our users, as well as a music store. An IRC chat room called #CodeWalrus is also available, where our members hang out, and can be reached from EFnet, Omninet, Freenode, using an IRC client of your choice or the website client called OmnomIRC.

You are also free to share the website with your friends using the codes at the bottom of each page and don't forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

2015: A new beginning, a new fantasy
Remember the day the walrus started to fly...
January 01, 2015, 05:02:28 am by pimathbrainiac | Views: 3511 | Comments: 8

Calculators in General
Hello, and welcome to Project Periodical Edition 2! Instead of being semi-monthly and including z80 or non-z80 programs, this edition and all future editions will be on the 1st of every month and include projects of every platform, on every major, predominately english-speaking forum with a focus on TI. And also on CodeWalrus
What does this mean? Omnimaga, Cemetech, and CodeWalrus projects will all be listed here, in one place, with links to every thread on every site where the projects are hosted. Also this means no screenies in the thread due to the sheer number of projects being posted, sorry D:
Also projects made specifically for contests and joke projects/programs are automatically disqualified from being in Project Periodical for space's sake (read: pimath is lazy and there are a ton of Contest #13 entries).

Now that that is out of the way, to the projects:

HP Prime:

A Quine in HP Prime
A pseudo-quine program for HP Prime
Author: iconmaster

Super Walrii Land
A Super Mario Land knockoff with the CodeWalrus mascott, walrii
Author: DJ Omnimaga


[BETA] Paintball
A VB.NET paintball game
Author: ordelore

Chess Wars
A Ludum Dare 31 entry, based on tactical RPGs like Fire Emblem and Advanced Wars
Author: Scipi

HTML5 osu!mania
That irresistable rhythm game, now in your browser!
Author: uknownloner

spasm + emscripten
An in-progress z80 assembly in-browser compiler/editor
Author: Tari

FunkLibrary & Sublime Text z80 package
A Sublime Text z80 asm plugin and included macro and function library
Author: NanoWar

TI-82 Linking with Python
A Python implementation for linking with TI-82 calcs
Author: CVSoft

Image Compression w/Discrete Cosine Transform (like JPEG)
An image compression program for (eventually) use with the CSE
Author: unknownloner

Tiedye, yet another TI-84 Plus C SE emulator
Yet another TI 84 Plus C SE emulator. Pretty self-explainitory
Author: DrDnar


A ball machine that is so awesome it is uncomfortable
Author: Sorunome


Hero Core
A clone of a game of the same name. Features sound effects and TIMID music
Author: Keoni29

Puzzle Pack
A puzzle game for those bored in math class
Author: ISSOtm

Alien Breed 5 Episode II: Evolution
A clone of Alien Breed that has progressed very well over its long development time
Author: JamesV

Star Trek
MMO on calculator? This project says "yes"
Author: ACagliano

Hinawa Battle Engine
An RPG battle engine for monochrome z80 calcs
Author: Eiyeron

Cookie Clicker Axe
A cookie clicker clone for monocrhome z80 calcs
Author: JWinslow23

Sudoku 8X+
A Sudoku game for monochrome z80 calcs, featuring randomly generated puzzles and varying difficulty
Author: JWinslow23

Yet Another Z80 ASM Tutorial
Want to learn Z80 and can't find a good and complete tutorial? Look no further (once this is done).
Author: Iambian

My First Game
Working towards improvements, this class-based action game has not had a true development update this month, but progress has been made (code questions have been asked/answered this month and there was a "I'm working on these features" update. I'm counting that).
Author: Omegaxis213

SpriteToHex 2.0
A sprite conversion tool made in Axe using graylib
Author: Digital

A clone of Hexagon (no Super Hexagon) by Terry Cavanagh for monochrome z80 calcs. Made in Axe
Author: matrefeytontias

Vectorial Math
A math program for vectors. You can now solve problems with both direction AND MAGNITUDE
Author: Sorunome

Runayway for TI-84+CSE
A hybrid basic game for CSE about dodging trains
Author: Hexatron

Various Adventures with CBL 2 / LabPro Programming
Various projects dealing with the CBL 2, LabPro, and Arduino, and a calculator
Author: CVSoft

A clone of the "Simon" toy/memory game for monochrome z80 calcs
Author: Emerov

Robot War 2: The Bionic Wars
A Robot War 2 clone for monochrome z80 calcs
Author: Dianzi tian

A Wizard Currency Calculator for monochrome z80 calcs
Author: EphraimB

Portal CSE
A 2D Portal clone for the CSE
Author: MateoConLechuga

Super Smash Bros. Open
A low-fi clone of Super Smash Bros. for monochrome z80 calcs
Author: Hayleia

Zombie Apocalypse Part II
A CSE port of the Nspire STEM Behind Hollywood activity of the same name.
Author: KermMartian

Pokemon Amethyst
A Calculator companion to Pokemon Emerald in hybrid basic
Author: gaventemples31415


A program that makes snow fall accross your screen
Author: Vogtinator

A hearts game (as in the card game) for TI-Nspire
Author: ajorians

TI-Nspire USB Serial Breakout Boards
Do you want to use something other than your USB port for your Nspire? Well now you can (supplies are limited, though)!
Author: tangrs

Portal Nspire
A 2D Portal Clone for the Nspire calcs. Made in Lua
Author: LDStudios

Back from the dead, it's nFrotz, a Frotz Z-machine interpreter. Play those old text adventure games now with bugfixes and feature requests to be added in the near future.
Authors: hoffa and catastropher

A port of Reuben Quest: Ev Awakening (originally for monochrome z80 calcs) for the TI-Nspire series. A working screentest is all there is at the moment.
Author: pimathbrainiac

Dodge 68k
A port of the game "Dodge," originally for monochrome z80 calcs
Author: princetonlion.tibd

Technology Hardware of Some Sort or Another:

CBS6000 - an 8-bit 6510 computer
Yet another home-built retro computer from Keoni. It now plays sound!
Author: Keoni29

ColorData - Paper tape reader
"A device that can read paper tape with colored bands on it"
Author: Keoni29

A Mathematica-Driven calculator inside a Casio fx-83 ES
Author: piCaso

A library for having arduinos communicate with z80 calcs.
Author: KermMartian

Mind Controlled Calculator
Using ArTICL, this takes a MindFlex headset and uses it to control a game driven by focusing
Author: MateoConLechuga

Blinkenlights on a TI-83 Plus
Want to know what the address pins output looks like on z80 calcs? Look no further! A retrofitted TI-83 Plus visualizes these pins (but you have to underclock the calc to see them blink)
Author: Hooloovoo

Wireless CALCnet Adapter
This is a thing. It is a cool thing. It is in progress of becoming an object as well
Author: various (Geekboy1011 and KermMartian mainly)

The TI-87
Every z80 calculator. Ever. In the palm of your hand.
Author: KermMartian


Super Hexagon Casio
A Super Hexagon clone for the FX9860&co
Authors: Eiyeron and Adbook

And that is that! Thanks to all the sites and authors for facilitating the creation and creating these awesome programs!
Did I miss something? A link? A project? Comment below!
Want to discuss this? Comment below!
Want to comment? Comment below!
(you get the picture)

P.S. Sorry about the Cemetech links not being consistant in format and sometimes going to the wrong page (as in, not the start page) of the correct topic. I didn't realize that the links were page/post specific until I was almost done.
December 31, 2014, 10:02:57 pm by Streetwalrus | Views: 4605 | Comments: 17

So yeah, it's 2015 now. 2014 was fun, looking forward to what will happen during the next year.
Also I we're open to public now so welcome to CodeWalrus ! :D
December 26, 2014, 04:29:32 am by xlibman | Views: 4481 | Comments: 16

Calculators in General
I am pleased to announce that CodeWalrus and Planète-Casio has established a link exchange together. Basically, at the bottom of every CW forum page, you will see a 88x31 button leading to Planète-Casio (right next to BroniesQC button). On Planète-Casio, you will see the 88x31 banner leading to CodeWalrus. This is not a partnership in the same way as some partnerships that occured in the TI community in recent years, so basically both websites will keep their independence, while still promoting each others via this banner exchange.

Open since 2004, Planète-Casio is now by far the largest francophone Casio forum and program archives in the calculator community. It also hosts regular contests for their members, many of which resulted in notable game releases. One of our most active members, Eiyeron, is also moderator there.
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