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Title: The Messenger Trliogy, part I (dev thread)
Post by: racingstripeAV on January 11, 2018, 12:05:33 am
Since finishing the second album The Messenger Trilogy, Part III ( back in September, I figured I'd make a thread for development on the third album, that being Part I (yes, these are being released out of order, it just makes more sense from a narrative standpoint). This thread will probably be solely for any WIPs that I write for Part I, and will be creating a new thread for when the album itself is complete (which I don't know when that will be; I'd like to finish it ideally by late-2019, mid-2020 at the latest).

For now, here are the current list of WIPs for The Messenger Trilogy, Part I:

• 07. Innocence ( 1:59 [SKETCH 01b] (2017-12-15)

List will be constantly updated as new WIPs are added.