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Started by _iPhoenix_,

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N.E.U.P.L.: New Experiments in Uninteresting Programming Language(s).

Interpreter Here

Docs Here

NEUPL is a simple stack-based language. Check the docs for more info :ninja:
I'm nearly 100% sure it's not Turing Complete, unless there is some form of bug with the language.

Interesting NEUPL code snippets:
Quote"Hello, world!": !<d<l<r<o<w< ,<o<l<l<e<H<lp
"hi", but it's really overcomplicated (kudos to you if you can understand it): i<<h<<l<<p<i<p<l<pie
"Hello, _iPhoenix_" (demonstrates command insertion and printing newlines with an empty stack and lp): lp,<o<l<l<e<H<l<pip_<pi<x<i<n<e<o<h<P<i<_<l<piplp

There are some notable bugs, particularly with the execution of commands from the stack. I think I know why, but I'll take some time to fix.

Additionally, I want to be able to manipulate the stack in other ways, like flipping it, changing ASCII values of characters in the stack, and more.

The goal of this programming language is ,<r<a<e<l<c<n<U<lp.<w<o<n< <r<o<f<lp (Unclear, for now.)

Just note that more commands are coming, and this is slightly buggy, so don't worry too much if something isn't working.
And yes, I'll continue to work on UniChat. This is just a small excursion from that.
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