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Started by Alvajoy123,

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Quote from: DJ Omnimaga on
Erm, this looks just like you saved the Monthly CW Project Award page or the portal with the poll in HTML then uploaded the source code. That HTML file looks identical to when CodeWalrus fails to load its CSS.

Yes, and the source is nearly line - for - line the same.

Also, I'm no JS expert, but I learned a lot (namely the basics) from this site.

I suggest you check it out, it's pretty helpful.
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Quote from: Switchblade on
What is front end and back end?
I guess I don't need to worry about PHP.  Can't you use Python instead of Java?
Front end is the user interfacse, what the user sees on the website, and backend is the serverside stuff where passwords and posts or whatever is stored, iirc.

HTML is the ui part, its a markup language so its all about the visuals, and js is the thing that powers html, the client side code that lets specific users run things without having to go to the server and back to the client. (this probably isnt a very good explanation, and i guess java? or php? (i dont know much about those, just starting to dabble in web dev myself) is fthe serverside language, what ckontrols the bacend. i also believ you can use c# for backend as well, if you use vs.

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