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Other / Re: Your IQ - Take the test now <3
128!   :w00t:

Which satisfies me b/c it's a power of 2. (No, I don't have OCD.  :P)
Other / Re: Tell your crappy jokes here!
When does an Irish potato stop being an Irish potato?

When it becomes a French Fry!
Gaming / Re: (split) CodeWalrus Minecraft Server
Quote from: DJ Omnimaga on
I don't like survival. When you fall off by accident after spending weeks building up an inventory then your entire inventory vanishes in an instant.

/gamerule keepInventory true

And now ya keep yer stuff.  :D
I used to let Steam start on startup, then I turned it off and now my computer boots twice as fast.  <_<

Steam usually doesn't take that long to start for me; granted, I usually use it for a while before starting it. Go figure.
Quote from: JWinslow23 on
Jokes aside, what song do you think I should do next?
This seems like it would lend itself well to the cut/paste clips.
Hardware / Re: RPN-Calculator
How are symbols and stuff entered if there is only the simple numpad?

This song has some of the best lyrics (at least conceptually).
See here, also lyrics here.
That cat sprite is great. XD

Maybe make the stars move up when you go up (eg backwards from what it is now)? May look a bit more like parallax.

Looks good!
MC: Win10 is basically a port of Pocket Edition, not a remake of the PC version.

As such, mobile and Win10 can cross play. PE/Win10 cannot play with PC.
Could you scale up the area and then crop it down to the appropriate screen resolution?
New DJ one!
Media Talk / Re: Funny/awesome Youtube videos
...and so is the video. :(


Other / Re: junk mail, how much we love it <3
Quote from: Unicorn on
troll this guy :P There was a Ted talk about that somewhere... not sure where tho :P
If only it was available for calculator ebooks....

New one!
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