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Some of you old timers will probably remember this project. Infinity was a Game Boy Color RPG that was created by former TI community members from around 1999-2001. The game never saw a realease as the Game Boy Advance was coming out soon. An incomplete build was released some years back. It appears that the project has been revived and is getting an official cartridge and digital release. Many of the original programmers have even been recruited to help finish it.:D Here's the kickstarter page: If anyone can share at Omnimaga, and TI planet that'd be cool. I can't seem to get into my old Omnimaga account, atm, and I cant find or don't have one for TI Planet. Anyhow, I'm really happy this is finally getting a release. I've backed it and can't wait to see the final product. *edit* It ends really soon, so head over if you are interested in backing it!
Strange that WalrusIRC got banned. :( Guess I'll just have to sign up for discord here soon.
I feel like I'm missing something, but how do you use the chatbox? I'm logged into the site, but the chatbox still says "Please login to post a message", and I don't see a place to enter text.
Just saw your post. Man, that is awful. I'm glad you weren't hurt worse. Hopefully, the police are able to track down the robbers. Hope things go better for you man. :/
Games / Re: Mario CE
Not meaning to nitpick, but those are Super Mario Bros. 3 sprites from Super Mario All stars. They aren't from Super Mario World. Anyhow, looks good regardless. :thumbsup:
So, I really liked the soundtrack in The Last Hope (as mentioned previously) and I'm really thinking about getting into this series. Which game do you recommend I play first? I see you did a mini review, but I was wondering which you thought would be the best introduction to the series. Kind of leaning towards lLast Hope. The music really was fantastic. :D Are the cutscenes really overdone though? Do you think another would be a better first choice? Note that I don't have a PSP or PS4.
Other / Re: How good is your French?
Quote from: Juju on
Quote from: Art_of_camelot on
Kevin Poulet!

* Juju swings the banhammer so hard

* Art_of_camelot hides
I think you already know my answer to this question... YES! If you are feeling it, i say definitely finish it. :D
Other / Re: How good is your French?
Omlette du Fromage! Kevin Poulet!
I just uploaded a new level a couple days ago.Check it out if you like!
@Caleb Hansberry  I'm definitely interested in the IBM PC XT. I used to have one. The PC Jr looks pretty cool as well. Are they both in working condition? I'm actually on vacation till this Monday. I'd like to chat with you about them when I get back.
Quote from: DJ Omnimaga on
Wait, what happened to it? D: How can one lose a gamepad this big? :P

I moved earlier this year and some things are still kinda scattered.
On a side note, nice to see you again @Art_of_camelot . Also I checked a few days ago and two other people managed to beat my Castle of Doom level (you were the only one who did before) :P
Boo, I wanted to be special. >:(
Quote from: DJ Omnimaga on
I really want to get into SMM again soon. I noticed they added new items. Something I wish is that they added those green apples that added extra time to the timer in SMW, so we could do extremely long door levels with checkpoints. It would almost be an adventure game into one level lol.

But then it might piss off people who are doing the 100 level challenges
I need to start playing again as well. I have to find my gamepad first though... lol.
If the Japanese PS3 version has English, you could always import it. Personally, I've never played this series. I only know it because of the music. I think you used one of the tracks from The Last Hope in one of your videos. That's how I found out about it. Great soundtrack imo. :D
Gaming / Re: Zelda remade in voxels
Yea, no surprise there.
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