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Title: Original 2002 Mana Force oddities
Post by: DJ Omnimaga on April 01, 2015, 04:27:42 AM
So I was implementing elemental weaknesses in First Fantasy a few seconds ago and I just rediscovered some really strange boss weaknesses and immunities that appears to have been present in the original. Not that they are that bad, but I just thought it was odd that I did some of those choices:

Dungeon boss 5: Immune to regular attacks and weak against the ultimate spell. I know that boss is hard but considering he's a fire enemy I wonder why I chose a non-elemental spell as weakness against instead of the two Ice spells? O.O

The Master class has ultra weak magic spells. I guess I wanted to eensure that people with that class equipped could still use weaker spells if they were worried about their MP, but that doesn't make much sense considering you have to end fights as fast as possible and that using a stronger spell will cost less MP in the end O.O

Dungeon boss 8 (final boss): Weak against holy magic. If anything, it's dark magic he should have been weak against in the original game (although the boss uses Holy 2 since it's the only strong spell enemies can cast, so maybe that explains my choice).

You can be assured that some changes are going on for the remake :P
Title: Re : Original 2002 Mana Force oddities
Post by: CKH4 on April 01, 2015, 04:37:43 AM
Those are very interesting, it kinda makes me think back to Pokemon with fire > grass > water >fire situation ( Pokemons were my only RPG ). I look forward to see what the final color version brings compared to these. Were there any other less odd weaknesses / strengths?
Title: Re : Original 2002 Mana Force oddities
Post by: DJ Omnimaga on April 01, 2015, 04:55:42 AM
Nah, the only one I can think off that makes sense was how boss 5 was immune to regular attack. In the original game, he appears at random locations every frame, which was scrapped in the remake since it looked weird for a turn-based RPG.
One other strange thing in the remake is how when the enemy died, he didn't vanish. He remained on the screen even when Experience and gold showed up. In Mana Force 2 and the remake of the first game it was fixed.

Also after a random battle, if you were on a screen where the boss is located, the event sprite disappeared until you re-enter the screen. I forgot to fix that in version 2.1en, but it's fixed in the remake. :P

EDIT: Better screenshot where I didn't equip the wrong job:

Basically, X-Flare (now Omega) literally thrashed boss 5.

EDIT: Another oddity in this game is that until you reach LV 11, level 2 cure magic is actually weaker than level 1 cure magic. But again you are not really expected to get Cure 2 that early in the game. :P
LV   Cure1 Cure 2
1 11 1
2 22 4
3 33 9
4 44 16
5 55 25
6 66 36
7 77 49
8 88 64
9 99 81
10 110 100
11 121 121
12 132 144
15 165 225
25 275 625
50 550 2500
75 825 5625
99 1089 9801