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xlibman/DJ_Omni's possible move to Germany or France

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DJ Omnimaga:
A few months ago, I began the process of moving to Quebec City in order to escape various social issues witnessed in my former city in the last 30+ years and due to my autism. Unfortunately, as it turns out, this only solved the privacy and public transit problems and everything else remained. In addition to that, the healthcare system and how it works is completely inadequate for my person as I can't even function on my own when it comes to papers and stuff. More importantly, there is a serious close-mindness about people with mental disabilities that resulted into me being unable to make much new friends and keeping them here, partly due to how unknown stuff like autism is over here (thanks to our poor healthcare system), which is weird considering in Qc City people are much more open-minded about other things than in my former city.
 (Such as LGBT or ethnic groups). My mental health deteriorated to the point where I almost moved to Quebec literally in the middle of the night and left almost everything behind.

This is why in mid September, shortly after switching jobs (which I'm about to be forced to quit due to persistent depression and scars left by issues in my previous city), I began considering moving out of  Quebec province entirely, most likely to Germany or Guadeloupe. Eventually I ruled out Guadeloupe due to being to small but Australia became considered, with mainland France far behind. I am not comfortable with the idea.of moving to France due to ISIS and tolerance issues of their own, but I know many people there. Germany is very likely other than the fact I would need to learn German but I am generally not too bad at learning spoken languages, and Australia is another possibility. Ideally, though, I would probably choose which one of the three countries have the better public healthcare for autistic adults.

But yeah if this happens, this would most likely be in January 2020 or July 2020, or if my mental health won't improve, then that could be much sooner. The main obstacle would be losing what remains of my Quebec friends and that I would probably be forced to stay at the home of a TI community friend in order to be able to afford the rent. It's also possible that I am.permanently disabled and jobless and I would prefer not moving too far from downtown.

Chances of this happening are around 10% I would say and previously hovered between 0-2%, but that's still a 10%, split 45%-45%-10% between Germany, Australia and France, respectively. Hopefully it doesn't happen but I prefer to warn in advance in case it does.

While I agree the Liberals here ain't helping making the system to be less of a pain for the last 15 years or so, I do hope they treat you well. In any case, you know you can count on me, if anything.

I think you could move to America. It's practically right there, and people are generally pretty nice and accept you for what you are. (usually)

Just don't move to a big city...

If I were to pick a country, I'd probably pick one of the Scandinavian countries like Sweden, Norway or Finland. Heard they're really progressist, the complete opposite of Trump and they have pretty good music.

DJ Omnimaga:

--- Quote from: _iPhoenix_ on December 28, 2017, 01:04:40 am ---I think you could move to America. It's practically right there, and people are generally pretty nice and accept you for what you are. (usually)

Just don't move to a big city...

--- End quote ---
The only reason why I ruled out America is Trump. Rent isn't an issue as long as I can live with another community member until I am allowed to work and split the costs. But again, it depends since there are chances that I am gonna be permanently disabled or partially. Healthcare insurance costs would also be a serious problem.

As for Europe it would have to be a country with free healthcare and with proper support for autistic people.


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