While programming for my Nspire CX CAS CR4 I thought that either my calculator is weird, or the documented timer frequency for the watchdog timer isn't right.
I also found out you can set the frequency of the other timers.
But right now, this is only tested in my calculator.
To help, you only need a Nspire CX and a stopwatch.
I compiled a version of my project to test the timers and print out the result.
You just have to follow the instructions on the screen and post the values.

Make sure you don't need the contents of the scratchpad and saved the opened document, as you can only exit the test by using the reset button at the back.
Copy the charset.tns and the timertest file for your hardware revision to your documents folder.
The hardware revision is the letters on the top-right of the back of your calculator.
First is a series of 10 flashes of red, green and blue with (what should be) one second of delay between them.
You have to record the time between the flashes and post them (or just take the average time like I did).
Then you just have to write down an post the values it shows on the screen.

Thanks in advance

My results are:
msleep: 1.002 seconds between the flashes on average
initial clockselect: 0
timer: 33031944
timer+clockselect=0xa: 31958
timer+clockselect=0x9: 11704931
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