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New CE game - upcoming [TI-84+CE]

Started by kotu, June 29, 2017, 02:51:53 PM

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 :D at last a new project to announce

i am currently working on a new game, based upon my 'Building Priest Smash' game, which involved bunches of AOE priests getting smashed by houses (did not have / could not make new priest sprite waving angry fist into the air looking straight up at you, bla, bla, shouting 'why did you do that')

the new game has a similar theme and i cannot divulge any more details here, except this one - it should be quite easy to build so should [MAYBE] get made!
  • Calculators owned: TI 84+CE-T
  • Consoles, mobile devices and vintage computers owned: Sega Master System, Sony PlayStation 3

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