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Fundamental Calculator Questions (Ti-83+)

Started by mazhat, May 05, 2017, 09:18:49 PM

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Axe question.
Really quick question.
How do I get to the Data( command in Axe?
My friends and I can't find it anymore.
I don't remember it being this elusive.

Update: Nevermind, here's an answer for further reference!

/\list is the same as Data( as stated in the commands.
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Quote from: mazhat on May 06, 2017, 09:05:43 PM
Looks like you got a lot of languages under your belt. Very versatile.
Skipping 3 grades is AMAZING! I love math, but am very terrible at it. I'm jealous of you, IPhoenix.

I have another question. It's about Axe actually:

7) How should I go about making title screens and pictures and stuff. Should I make an assembly routine?
//Here's my rough idea:
10 Start HL at "byte 0" (The start of the drawing buffer)
20 Draw on that byte
30 Increase the HL
40 Goto 20 until you've drawn everything

Otherwise should I make a collection of sprites? Maybe Axe has a built in picture display?

That is the same is doing:


That copies the picture to the screen buffer. It doesn't display it though.
RecallPic transfers the data from L3 (the back buffer) to L6 (the drawling buffer)
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