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Author Topic: Videoway device  (Read 4352 times)

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Re: Videoway device
« on: February 22, 2017, 09:42:01 pm »
Unfortunately, I doubt that the guy behind this old website is willing to help. I tried contacting him along several other videoway developer from that era and this Christian Meunier guy was my best bet. Sadly he has not responded. Another user from bannister forum managed to get in touch with him and apparently did not get far. His 'emulator' was not really an emulator per say and the build of the games had to be heavily modified to run on his software and as far as I know did not offer any rom dumps. I managed ot exchange a few message with another developer that was not really handling game related stuff (mostly back end server stuff) and she seemed to freak out the minute I asked if she had anything binary of game or application still in her possession. I have a feeling that old videotron developper are scared to share or talk about anything most likely because of a confidentiality claim. Most of them are still working in that field and might be worried of attracting negative attention. Maybe once they start retiring they might be more willing to reminisce and start helping out because I'm certain some of them like this Christian kept thing they worked on, I know that personally I always like to keep stuff related to what I have worked on in the past.  But for now, I lost all hope of finding a dump of a game or application, which is all we need to actually start making an emulator. It's too bad because I am dying to be able to replay some of those games again.


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