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c Everywhere - An Accident In My Pants (new album)

Started by dirteverywhere, November 01, 2017, 11:18:14 PM

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For the links, if you have censored language on, you'll have to replace the ***s with the appropriate word.

Bizarre dance music and experimental noise comedy from the world's number 1 s***-themed electronic duo.

Listen to the new album An Accident In My Pants here***everywhereuk/sets/an-accident-in-my-pants

When we resurrected s*** Everywhere in 2011, we had no idea that we would make a second album, let alone a third one. But that's exactly what happened in 2017. In fact, work on the record began a few years earlier, with ideas for the many of the tracks created by Horace and stored on memory cards at some point in between 2013 and 2016. When comparing our first and second albums, the first was an introductory collection of weird and comical s***-themed songs, while the second was an exercise in making experimental noise comedy and strange mixtures of musical styles. And blending the two approaches together made for our most accomplished work yet, building on the things we've done before and creating an LP that is representative of our wild and eclectic jumble of sound.

We combined the vintage game creations of the first record with the sampling, and endless possibilities of putting things together using more advanced modern technology. If reliving old memories had been the inspiration behind the first album, and our radical radio experiments influenced the direction of the second, then the monthly DJ sets both of us started playing at a local venue certainly shaped the sound of our third full-length effort. Keen to play plenty of s***Everywhere songs to bewildered club-goers, we wanted plenty of bangers on this album, and the bangers did indeed come. As well as the off-kilter floorfillers, there's acid techno, drum n bass, bizarre sound collages, free jazz, stoner hillbilly hip hop, dubstep and lots more madness. 'An Accident In My Pants' is our greatest artistic achievement yet, and is available for you to enjoy now.

Soundcloud (including full album streams and downloads)***everywhereuk
YouTube -
Twitter -***Everywhere0


Eh, you don't have to censor it, the forum software will do it for you and it'll be a bit annoying for those who have it off.

Anyway, nice music here.
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Gonna listen to this soon. Also yeah I wish the word filter didn't censor links to the point of breaking them. But again, leaving words uncensored to guests tend to have adverse effects such as the site being flagged as an adult site and blacklisted on some services like what happened to Omnimaga before. X.x
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Decon Theed

I can't say everything here was to my taste, even as a fellow that loves a good experimental release, I can at least say I've never heard anything else quite like it made using Music 2000, so I have to give you points for originality there. I did, however, hear some promise in a couple of songs, and I genuinely really liked c in my Pants Dubstep. The Playdays theme popping up in Good c gave me a chuckle as well, I admit.
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