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I told you she was fast
Other / Re: The funny quote thread (NSFW)
 :-\ was that a private chat xlm??

notipa - wat
yyou  fixed the post because the formating sucked??l

sorry i aint bin ear

four Abit wat
I haven't had a chance to submit an executable yet. This contest was left open for months you can't close it as suddenly AS THAT WITH NO WARNING! WE ALL WANT TO SEE MATEO GET KILLED IN A FIGHT!!!!

3 days?
We all know that I can write assembler which is great

In fact mateo's iq is only 140 and so sorus as well

My iq is unspecified (150-190) soru does science
i think it looks like a c movie, thanks
Other / Re: The Walrii Prime
We still believe it's a prime

Thanks juju
Quote from: xMarminq_ on
Quote this post, and say what it says in repley to this

what it says in repley to this
Other / Re: The Walrii Prime
nice code
Nah it's a mech thing lol

You want this--->
Thanks lol

It's just a crop of a mech image - see the back page of my site (resident section) - bottom of page
I don't think you guys understand - Alvajoy123 is going to write Linux for PCs

Don't underestimate him - remember he used to shout..
"Books are everything"

After I told him to buy some books

This reminds me of the minigame I made...
Other / Re: The funny quote thread (NSFW)
Quotegameblabla   since you seem to have an interest in my sexual life   07:10:47
gameblabla   i can give you more details   07:10:54
kotu   Meh   07:11:26
gameblabla   "mateo has so few bananas he keeps them on land"   07:11:48

Quote*   notipa gets thermal   08:47:24
Hooloovoo   what does that even mean?   08:49:09
notipa   Hooloovoo, you'll have to be more specific   08:49:28
Hooloovoo   how are you getting thermal?   08:49:47
kotu   seagull   08:50:00
notipa   yes   08:50:24
Hooloovoo   oh, I get it now   08:50:53
kotu   seagull with knowledge of databases   08:51:26
kotu   show off seagull with knowledge of databases   08:52:02
kotu   proud show off seagull with knowledge of databases.   08:52:51
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