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BOOM game remake

Started by Zemmargorp, November 03, 2020, 10:53:59 PM

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Hello everyone!

I've been working from time to time these past months on the remake of a game for TI CE calculators: BOOM.

BOOM was a one-or-two-player Macintosh game made by Factor Software in 1997 (and still edited until ~2016). They described it as "Bomberman meets Doom"; to quote their website: "As a space trooper your mission is to penetrate 8 alien infested areas, each one divided in 10 sub-zones, eliminate all enemies using your bombs and finally kick the Big Alien Boss back to where he came from." Some extremely good players have uploaded a complete playthrough of this game on YouTube:

I've played this game as a child and loved it; I decided to remake it so that other people would discover it and could enjoy playing it as I did (although it's not the same without the musics and the sound effects).

Without further delay, here are some screenshots of my BOOM remake for TI CE calculators:


The game is still under development (there are currently no bonuses, no time, no scores, and it only includes the first 20 levels out of 80 in total), but it's already well playable so I thought it was time to share it with the community. You can download it there:

Have fun :)

Dream of Omnimaga

I haven't tried this yet but I saw this on a while ago and was amazed at what I saw from the screenshots. Does it work with the latest C libraries? I'm probably gonna load this on my calc soon. :)
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Thank you very much!

Nothing except "prgmBOOMDEMO" is required to play this game.

It doesn't need the C libraries because I've written my own drawing routines in assembly, specifically optimized for the needs of BOOM (all the sprites are 16x16, only two bytes are required to hold coordinates inside the sidebar, etc.). The vast majority of this program's source code is in ez80 assembly anyways; I wrote some functions in C (out of laziness!) but I'm progressively rewriting them in ez80 assembly to improve both their size and speed.

BOOM has been since August 21st on, I've been waiting to improve it a bit more before sharing it here :)

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