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Other / Languish: A Textual Esolang
« Last post by JWinslow23 on Today at 08:05:44 pm »
If you thought my last esolang idea was bad, wait until you see this one...

Languish is an (admittedly derivative) esoteric programming language in which there are 8 commands: E, T, A, O, I, N, S, and H. These commands can be mixed together with any non-command characters, so you can embed Languish programs into arbitrary text (if you're talented!).

The home page for Languish is right here (still under construction), and it includes a download link for the Python interpreter, as well as a comprehensive tutorial. Examples of code are to come!

And actually, this is where you all come in. If any of you can write a program in this language that shows off a feature well, or implements a common programming example (like 99 Bottles), I will include it on the website, and in the interpreter's .zip file (once I have compiled enough).

I could write them all myself (and I probably might), but I have a deadline of October 21, 2018 to have my site finished for my web development class, so any help filling it with content would be appreciated!
Aah ok, I was wondering about Omnimaga since you know Netham45, who was mostly active way back in the late 2000's.

And yeah SSH is meant to mimic some of the retro games released in the 90's, especially Turbografx-16/PC Engine and SNES.
I was never on Omnimaga, no. I am not part of The Old Guard :'(
I'm glad that you're still working on the game however!
Superstar Hero somehow feels very nostalgic to me.
Calc Projects, Programming & Tutorials / Re: Raiders: A Zelda-Like game.
« Last post by mazhat on Yesterday at 11:21:47 pm »
Necro-posting, I know.
I think you guys will like this, however.

It's Raiders, but ported to PC!
The maps are bigger, and development is sooooo much easier.
It's super inspired by Gateway to Legend and LOZ, (but you knew that because you have are my biggest fan ;)

I've learned OOP a while back so the code is pretty readable, and the game itself is data-oriented.

PC, Mac & Vintage Computers / Warper - Sci-Fi Beat-em-Up
« Last post by 123outerme on Yesterday at 09:07:40 pm »
I noticed a few flaws in the groundwork I used to make Sorcery of Uvutu PC and Gateway to Legend. I noticed my rendering system was basically me just asking SDL to render an image rotated around its physical center. There's no changing the center, grouping images, applying filters, do real-time or pre-rendered animations, or anything like that.

That pushed me to write CoSprite, my SDL2 rendering engine/library, alongside this project. Warper is my application of CoSprite, so lets start talking about it.

Warper is a Beat-em-Up game set in the future, where mutations in genetics combined with advanced technology allows people to teleport. Some can only teleport small distances, some can teleport long distances but not small ones, and some have the rarest ability of all, being able to teleport into different dimensions.
You are a Short-Range Warper, and your brother is one of the rare Dimension Warpers, barely able to control his powers. What happens when his powers are misused or get out of hand?
The planned modes include a story, arena/infinite mode, and a training mode. More information soon.

You can see my most recent (documented) progress in this video update:

This game is a Work in Progress right now. Warper and CoSprite may and most likely will have several differences between their conception and finalization. Anything can change, so be aware. If you want to look at or use the code in Warper or CoSprite, be my guest! Be sure to abide by the MIT License, but other than that, do anything you want with them!
Web / Village
« Last post by _iPhoenix_ on Yesterday at 11:13:02 am »
So apparently I don't have a thread for my current project here. Dang.

Village is my long-term project. It's an Esolang where you are a village chief and you get to command people around and do things. It's a lot of fun.

Here's a basic "hello, world" program:
Code: [Select]
Call for the villager named Ada.
Tell Ada to write the text "Hello, World!" on her scroll.
Tell Ada to post her scroll to the Community Message Board

Pretty simple!

Villagers can have occupations.
Code: [Select]
Call for the villager named Alan.
Teach Alan how to gather wood.

Note: This next task takes 3 successful lines of code to complete.
Tell Alan to gather 20 wood.

Note: waste 3 commands.
Call for the villager named Ken.
Teach Ken how to draft blueprints.
Tell Ken to make a blueprint for a railroad to the North village.

Note: At this point, Alan's done getting wood.
Tell Alan to write the text "I have " on his scroll.
Tell Alan to write the amount of wood he has on his scroll.
Tell Alan to write the text " wood." on his scroll.
Tell Alan to post his scroll to the Community Message board.

Not all of the features are officially documented yet, with the main undocumented feature being Ask commands, aka conditionals. They are explained pretty well in my Cemetech topic:
(click to show/hide)

There's more stuff in the docs.

Link to interpreter

The console messages (when debug mode is on) will help explain the examples and should help you.

Web / YukiOS
« Last post by Juju on Yesterday at 02:34:59 am »
Yet another thing I started working on that have been on my mind since a while. (I do a lot of stuff lately please stop me)

Basically, it's an operating system that runs in your browser. It consists of a kernel written from scratch in JavaScript that sets up an interface (currently a VT100-like terminal, can later be a canvas to draw on and do OpenGL stuff on kinda like X) and defines a bunch of syscalls (mostly interfaces between the DOM and threads). It then creates a WebWorker (which also defines interfaces between the program and the kernel, think a standard library or a libc) that executes a WebAssembly program (an init program, basically) which can in turn call other programs in their own WebWorkers. The main thread creates every other thread and can therefore keep track of processes like a normal operating system. (Kinda hard to explain, but yeah, if you read the code it's probably simple enough to figure it out.)

Basically (where <=> is a bunch of interfaces between each other): DOM <=> Kernel <=> WebWorkers <=> WebAssembly

WebAssembly binaries can be compiled with LLVM/Clang (see the makefile, target wasm32-unknown-unknown-wasm). In any case, it should import kernel functions (those defined thread-level when calling the binary) and export a main function that will get executed and return a return value.

So, pretty much like a real operating system. Or at least, a framework for multi-threading in C in a webpage.

Check it out on GitHub, right now it only prints some sort of Hello World but I'll put it online when it's going to be a bit more usable: https://github.com/juju2143/YukiOS


- Multithreading
- Keeps track of processes
- Quebec Bill 101-compatible open-source license
- Small binaries written in C (no Emscripten)
- It's in your browser!
- Small and readable source code

To do
- Read user input
- Filesystem
- Graphics
- Other misc. stuff, as needed when porting software
Were you on Omnimaga by the way Mazhat? I forgot. Also yeah lol I stopped working on the game because back in the days, RPG Maker 2003 had compatibility issues with Windows Vista or higher and the game was quite buggy. However, when I discovered that RM2K3 finally got legally released outside of Japan after 13+ years of wait with new updates, I regained interest.

As it turns out, most game bugs finally ended up becoming ABS (action-battle system) features and were left in for more experienced players and speedrunners.

Which reminds me, you can actually play the January 2009 build (or maybe it's from earlier?) at https://www.omnimaga.org/files/Our-TI-PC-Products-Music-and-Calculator-Videos/Our-Non-Calculator-Games-and-Products/ssh.zip . Half of the soundtrack in this version was not composed by me, but was made with the same music softwares as I use.
New WIP:

Cold Sweat 2:24 [SKETCH 01a] (2018-10-11)
Considering how SKETCH 01 is already 2:24 long (and is projected to be around the 6:30 mark), I'm honestly concerned that I might be writing too much, as I'm aiming to keep Album 3 one disc (so, 79 minutes total); however from what I've planned, it already seems to be creeping dangerously close to that number, and I don't want to split it across two discs (partially because there's no good place to put a break, and also I don't want to *remove* content because it would take away important story elements).

Still, I've only began building 6 out of the projected 15 tracks so far (two of which haven't been posted here, as they're not quite ready yet), so maybe - hopefully - the issue will fix itself before it even arises.
"Top ten Video Games that have been in development hell"
"Top ten unreleased animes"

[Also shout-out to Netham45, Happy Birthday old boye]
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