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Consoles / Re: My own custom firmware for the RS-97
« Last post by Caleb Hansberry on Today at 12:16:38 am »
Well I don't know anything about these, but thank you for your service. As long as the device is cheap anything is forgivable.
I'm also happy you're working on ez80 assembly. It's absolutely a worthwhile endeavor!
Gaming / Cuisine Royale
« Last post by xlibman on Yesterday at 06:27:13 pm »
I wonder if anyone here is into games like PUBG? Because recently there is a new Battle Royale game called Cuisine Royale that went in public alpha on Steam and I was surprised by how polished it is. If you prefer PUBG style to Fortnite but can't afford the former, then you might have more bang for your buck with Cuisine Royale, IMHO, for the following reasons:

Despite the name implying that weaponry might be 100% kitchen-related rather than World War 2, you're actually fighting with guns in there. It's just the armors that are made of cauldrons, stoves, etc.

Despite being in alpha stages, free to play and originally intended as an April Fools joke for the upcoming game Enlisted:
-It has much better graphics
-It actually manages to run at an higher and more steady frame rate despite the superior graphics. PUBG team, you have a thing or two to learn from Gaijin Entertainment and post-2016 Ubisoft games
-It crashes less often
-Finding a vehicle on the map doesn't take 40 minutes
-There are less server disconnects
-The only load time that sucks as much as PUBG is when the match starts. But again, you drop on the map instantly, which saves time
-They don't sue Epic Games every five second

The main downside I can see, however, is that games feature only 40 players at a time and you cannot choose where you want to drop. There is also no sound (yet) when the zone shrinks down.

Anyway I am posting this in case anyone would be interested in this game but can't afford (or run) PUBG. https://store.steampowered.com/app/884660/Cuisine_Royale/
Drawing & Animation / Re: My very own art thread
« Last post by mazhat on Yesterday at 06:02:04 pm »
New art dump from the past few months.
Drawing & Animation / Re: My very own art thread
« Last post by mazhat on July 14, 2018, 06:10:00 pm »
I knew I forgot to mention something!
I'm sorry about the stone monster, but once I took a closer look at the raw sprites I re-interpreted and that was the result, lol.
Next time I'll change it up ;)

I will always be waiting for the next update!

I have some very good ideas in store :)
I really hope so :D
Consoles / My own custom firmware for the RS-97
« Last post by gameblabla on July 14, 2018, 05:47:19 pm »
Hello guys,Last month, two people have donated to me 2 RS-97, a chinese knockoff console with an Ingenic JZ460 SoC clocked at 600Mhz with a horrible screen of 320x480. (but with an aspect ratio of 4:3, kind of like the much infamous CR4 Ti-nspire...)
Anyway, after working almost a week on it, i have released a custom firmware for it using buildroot & steward's work.
It uses musl-libc rather than uclibc, a standard compliant libc library with backward & upward compatibility. (which uclibc does not, binaries will crash unless you recompile them)I have released two videos that shows how games & emulators run on that thing :

If you happen to own such a console then grab a build here :


Here's the relevant source code :


And more on my github repo. (i need to sync them on my gitlab account again)
Do let me know what you think of the RS-97 console : A lot of people are talking trash about it.
Well, some of the criticism is deserved i suppose. (such as the device being under-powered, having a weird screen...)
Drawing & Animation / Re: My very own art thread
« Last post by 123outerme on July 14, 2018, 05:18:57 pm »
It's been a while!
Some quick fanart of Gateway To Legend.
(Perhaps I will finish it?).
I can't wait for the next version of GTL, so excited :)

Looks really good! That's not quite what I was imagining for the stone creature, but honestly that's half the fun, is interpreting lower res graphics. You might want to hold your horses for the crazy detailed fanart until I show off the final boss (which will probably be the full release). I have some very good ideas in store :)
Randomness / You know forum softwares are outdated when...
« Last post by xlibman on July 14, 2018, 05:11:04 pm »
...A video game that started existing 6 years after MSN Messenger closed down is stuck with a MSN Messenger profile field option because the company that makes the forum software they use decided to use SMF as a blueprint and intentionally remain stuck in the early 2000's xd

Drawing & Animation / Re: My very own art thread
« Last post by _iPhoenix_ on July 14, 2018, 01:58:37 pm »
@123outerme should see that! It looks really, really good, great job!
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