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Author Topic: Need Help with C# Code and Unity  (Read 93 times)

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Need Help with C# Code and Unity
« on: May 09, 2017, 07:46:24 am »
I am currently working with Unity to develop Augmented Reality applications for the HoloLens, and as part of a project, I need a way to import .obj files at runtime from an online source.

I chose to use this thingy: https://github.com/cmdr2/unity-remote-obj-loader
but there's no proper documentation or anything similar D:
Can anyone tell me how to get this script running?
I can import it and bind it to an objct and stuff, but how to use it?
I have no idea which comand I use to call it and with which parameters, nor how the object is returned :/
(I should probably mention I am new to C#)

If I can't get it working I would have to use https://github.com/gpvigano/AsImpL/ which would be terribly much work since it's such a huge tool X.x

Edit: btw is there any way to import a .3ds file and convert it to .obj within a C# app...? would be really helpful ^^
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