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Site Discussion & Bug Reports / Re: How to use WalrusIRC
« on: Today at 06:42:20 pm »
array of ponies, each bewky created one is appended at the end of the array, durection of each pony is calculated from x and y pos of the current plus the one before that.
shouldn't be too hard

Hardware / Re: Building an arcade cabinet
« on: Today at 05:14:22 pm »
omg this looks soooo awesome Juju seriously!! :D :D

Really nice work you did there, it's absolutely perfect!  :love:
How about the bottom half, usually these arcade cabinets are a lot higher ^^

Maybe an empty box to stpre a box of beer inside?  ;)

Media Talk / Re: Funny (and awesome) picture thread
« on: Today at 04:53:13 pm »
LOL I almost feel bad about hte second one cuz hers looks beautiful xD But nice one  :thumbsup:

Consoles / Re: (NSFW) Copyright Infringement - The Regressive Right colecovision
« on: Today at 04:49:35 pm »
meh deleting a topic without any notice REALLY sucks... :(
Must feel really bad after u worked in a project for a long time and they just decide to delete it...  :'(

btw that webcache link is no longer working... :/

Gaming / Re: Quotes in video games
« on: Today at 04:45:55 pm »
wait, that "never without a condom" thingy is a game over screen?  :ninja:

yeah there's currently a second pxls.space happening plus a loooot of work to do in the office, which makes my ppd fluctuate a lot, but I'll try not to leave ever again <3

Back to topic: can't wait to get my 2250th post ^^ Next step towards dethroaning all the top posters except for you ^.^

Consoles / Re: Wal-Rush! NES
« on: Today at 04:39:27 pm »
maybe this will help :)
It's an explanation of what I believe to be the same problem he's experiencing ^^

Calc Projects, Programming & Tutorials / Re: Driller kNight
« on: Today at 04:35:57 pm »
aaargh, redoing all levels? D: But why? D:
Did you lose the effort? Or did major changes to the game engine and adapting the level data would be more work than redoing them?  :ninja:

Other / Re: The funny quote thread (NSFW)
« on: Today at 04:32:57 pm »
We need a "request new walriis" topic ^^
Cuz we're missing a Nazghoul walrus, and orc walrus, a crusade knight walrus, a dementor walrus, ...

Other / Re: New member introductions: Say hello here!
« on: Today at 04:25:37 pm »
Welcome to the site @Ev G  :thumbsup:

What calculators is it you're working with? :)
I never used ICE beofre and didnt work with Axe in a long time but did a lot back then, first with 0.5.2 and then with 1.1 I think ^^
For me it was on pretty much every device of the 83+//84+ family ^^
And I agree on that last part @mazhat  ;)

Uuuuh s***, I just realized you're our 666th member

Media Talk / Re: Tusk (2014) :walrii: horror movie
« on: May 26, 2017, 04:41:57 pm »
yey albino walrus ^.^

also wh< do u guys keep reviving this topic :ninja:
it's like the worst of all zombie topics ever, stop reviving it D:

Other / Re: Scenery in your country (user photos only)
« on: May 26, 2017, 04:36:52 pm »
that's a lot of time to build a snowman x.x
maybe 2 months with proper snow here...? xD

nah... my PPD is higher than that of any other member, but I joined a lot later, which means I'll dethrone all of them given enough time...
except for u...
iirc it was 8 ppd vs 15 ppd...? ;) (didnt look it up)
makes me the second most spamming member only ;)

plus I currently have little time for posting again which makes my ppd rop again D:

Other / Re: Scenery in your country (user photos only)
« on: May 26, 2017, 03:57:35 pm »
dj: compare to that one:
photo from winter

Other / Re: Scenery in your country (user photos only)
« on: May 25, 2017, 01:23:39 pm »

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