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Re: TIMGUL forum archives open at CodeWalrus
« on: April 28, 2017, 04:56:30 pm »
Oh, man, word's cannot begin to describe how pleased I am this archive exists; I'm only sad I didn't stumble on it sooner, haha~!

I used to post on TIMGUL under the name "J-MACHine", and it was probably the first major hub I shared my music through (before that, I recall sticking things up on ZippyShare and hoping for the best). I don't think I was around much during the drama, so most of the memories I have of the site are fairly positive; if nothing else, it was just nice hearing music from other folks that used software in the Music line. And, in a round about way, it helped legitimise my decision to use Music 2000 during a time when I felt very self conscious about not using "real" software- something I've stuck with to this day, as it happens.

One of my biggest regrets was losing access to a number of songs I'd DL'd from the site over the time I was there, so needless to say I'm stoked to be able to grab stuff from there again! I think there might even be a few pieces of mine I'd lost access to that are still there, too, so that'll be handy.

Major thanks for putting the work in to get this archive set up, Omnimaga; this is gonna be a serious trip down memory lane~ :)
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