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Am I the only one? (sound frequency hearing levels)

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Try to lower your volume in case this is not good for your ears, but basically this is a video with an audio file that goes from 20 Hz frequency up to the maximum that can be heard by most humans:

Anyway, for me, starting at 5400 Hz, the volume seems to decrease in every 20 to 20000 KHz video/sound files I listened to, then around 5700 KHz it starts increasing again

I wonder if it might be my headphones, if it happens to others or if I have some hearing loss happening? O.O I know that older people hear higher frequencies less sometimes, but I thought this was weird that there are mid-range frequencies I hear less in particular

didnt happen to me, but I'm only able to hear it until 18kHz my ears!! :'(

I'm getting some pretty weird results. With my cheap desktop speakers there are odd stereo-panning-like effects even though there is no panning in the audio. This could be because the speakers are awkwardly placed behind my monitors, and the monitors and other crap are in a weird asymmetrical configuration (limited desk space/crappy desk/really bad eyesight that forces me to use monitors at unconventionally close distances). Maybe that results in some weird acoustics.

On my headphones, I get less of this, but still an apparent “pan” around 1800Hz, for instance, and I have some weird, very sharp dips around 4100 Hz and 6900 Hz (which don't seem to happen with the speakers). Also, I can apparently hear from about 30 Hz up to only 14.5 KHz (where it drops off sharply and I don't hear much else other than some faint aliasing noise at times), but I feel I remember being able to hear a bit higher than that not too long ago.

Now, I did have a flu or something early November, and I had a lot of fluid in my ears for a long time, and technically I'm still not quite completely over all the effects nearly a month later (I feel pretty much fine but am still coughing some), so I figure this could be having an effect, too. Maybe I'll have to wait another month or so and see if things are any different then.

tried it with apple headphones had no such weird experiences. Only the fact I couldnt hear super high stuff...

@Travis have you tried putting one of your ear next to each speaker while blocking your other ear to see if it makes any difference? Try with each ear. If you see a difference then maybe your hearing abilities became slightly different from ear to ear?

In my case I used to be able to hear very high pitched sounds slightly when at max volume, such as this in 2009 , but I just listened to that MP3 clip Eeems posted in that thread and nowadays it's no longer the case. On , 14 KHz is the max I am able to hear. That said, headphone quality might come into play there, but I could be wrong. I am using $25 headphones right now (from back when the only expensive headphones being sold in Canada were EB Game exclusive's Turtle Beach)


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