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Walrii fanart [walrus][sprites][pixel art][sprite sheet]

b/Drawing & Animation Started by Keoni29, November 22, 2014, 10:44:31 PM

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u/_iPhoenix_ April 17, 2018, 10:21:11 PM
With a few bytes (almost 1800 of them) of JavaScript, I managed to create a cool ASCII art :3=

Here's the code:
(The big strings at the beginning are like 90% of the program, they hold all of the sprite data.)

You can also see a live version of the code here. (My webpage has a style tag getting rid of the margin of the elements I am injecting.

:walrii: (there was an optimization I made that threw the "code walrus" out of sync with the "CodeWalrus")

Who else thinks this belongs on the CW 404 page? I made an embeddable version (literally changed 2 things). You can embed it in your site, and it even comes with a link to CW, so you are helping CW and getting a cool animated :walrii:, all for just one line of code (technically). What a deal!

<div id="w"></div><script>var f=0,a=["@L@L@L@L@L@L@L@LUQsL@K-B@L@L@L@L@LEgsL@ALAssAAs-sL@L@L@LC1ELCwoEKQsLDigELCgB@L@L@LCxILCwAsL-LAAs@sAAsL@L@LCwtRCwoJWgMhHgAABCkLDigAAQsL@L@S@AACFNTQAWIQAs@AFgAL@L@LUQsKAAMlTUYHTUkeAQ4oBkEyAQsL@LEgsANyEATU0ATU0hACwAIRZCAAsL@LC1EKAyEgFAACF-CVoDISAWGTIB@LCxIAABYAFiEhIRY-AhIRYWFjcA@LCwtQAQo-MgFAMhISEhIBYWFhYZMgEL@SACxjAAs-AhFhYWFhYWFhYWNwAL@LUAQsKAQpE1oDIBYWFhYWFhYWGTIB@LEgAsLAAsCywAIRYWFhYWFhYWFiEA@LC1AEMVoEKQ4oAyEhISAWFhYWFhceAQsLCxIACwAAYwtjACEhACEAISEWFhZCNwALCwtQBjwBCgkKAyEeAhYXHgMhIBYWGjwB@SAEI-BCACEAQkIWISEhISEhIQA3AAsLUAY8BTIGPAAFOD4WFyEeAyEhIBkyAAELEgAANyEAQgAAQhYWISEAFhYhACFCAAsLC1AABTUeAAIZNBYXIBQAAhYUAAMgGTIBCxIAFiEACwAANyEh-ACw--ISEWAAtQ-B@K-AAQsL@L@LCg-Qs=","@L@-AL@L@L@L@L@LUQsLCwoELCwoAQoAAQsL@L@L@LEgsLCwAsLAsLLAAsLAAL@L@L@LC1ELCgQsKAABCgELCw4oAQsL@L@LCxILCwALACEh-ALAsLL-@L@LCwtRCwoAAyVNRgIXHgQpDigFMgEL@L@S@AACFNTQBNTSEALCwANzcA@L@LUQoFNR4HTUYHTUkeCVoDIBo8AQsL@LEgsAISEW-WAE0AYwAhIRYWNwAL@LC1-hQCFyEhIBQ-MhIBYWGTIB@LCxIAQg-CEWACEhISEhFhYWFjcA@LCwtQBCkKBjw-MgFhYWFhYWFhYZMgEL@SA@ACwLCwAhFhYWFhYWFhYWNwAL@LUAQsKAQpDigDIBYWFhYWFhYWFx4B@LEgAsYwAsCywAIRYWFhYWFhYWFiEA@LC1ABCgAJWxNaAyEhISAWFhYWFhceAQsLCxIAQg-AsAISEhACEhISEWFhZCNwALCwtQBjwBCgY8AyEeAyAWFAMhIBYWGjwAAQsSAEI-BCACEhISEWQjcAISEhIRY3-LUQoAAhQGPAMhISEgFhpBMgMhHgMjMgELEgsAADchABYWFgAhIRYWQgAhIQAhFjcAC1EKBTQXIBQ-IUAhcgFhkyAhYUAyEgFAgLABYh-L@-AAISE3-ACw-AtRCg-QsL@L@LCg-AEL@L@="],w=f=>(atob(a[f].replace(/-/g,'AAA').replace(/@/g,'Cws')).split('').map(x=>x.charCodeAt(0).toString(10).padStart(2,0)).join('')+'1').split(8).map(x=>"<tt>"+x.split('').map(x=>"M +o'/:y\n.".charAt(x)).join('').replace(/ /g,'&nbsp;')+"</tt>").join('<br>');window.onload=x=>{d=document.getElementById('w'),e="innerHTML";setInterval(x=>{d[e]=w(f=+(f==0))+"<br><br>Animated ASCII art walrus created by _iPhoenix_ for <a href=''>CodeWalrus</a>."},300);}//please don't remove my notice.</script>
u/Dream of Omnimaga May 21, 2018, 05:44:43 AM
After over a year, the first post of this thread was finally updated! :3=
u/Dream of Omnimaga June 22, 2018, 06:40:58 AM

I remade the Paladins character Moji (and its twin-headed dino pet Po-Li) into walruses ^^

u/_iPhoenix_ July 01, 2018, 10:49:54 PM
I made myself a new version of the _iPhoenix_ walrus, and I did a time lapse of me doing it!

I'll probably switch over soon, but I have a few things I want to change first!

Edit; I'd like to see a time lapse of xlib doing his, because holy c he is good
u/Dream of Omnimaga July 04, 2018, 01:27:27 PM
I probably won't do a timelapse of myself doing walruses, since the Google Chrome one took about 5 minutes to make in real time xd

But I love it ^^

Do you have a small GIF version that I can append to the first post of this thread?
u/Yuki July 04, 2018, 09:25:26 PM

I did a thing, for once.
u/_iPhoenix_ July 05, 2018, 01:39:43 PM
Quote from: xlibman on July 04, 2018, 01:27:27 PM
I probably won't do a timelapse of myself doing walruses, since the Google Chrome one took about 5 minutes to make in real time xd

But I love it ^^

Do you have a small GIF version that I can append to the first post of this thread?

u/Dream of Omnimaga July 07, 2018, 05:02:50 PM
Thanks, I added it to the first post. Also I cross-posted the walruses on Cemetech for more visibility.

u/Dream of Omnimaga July 11, 2018, 01:46:48 PM
I don't know when that happened, but this topic has reached 300000 views now
u/_iPhoenix_ July 19, 2018, 11:04:06 PM
I was joking with TheLastMillennial about "forcibly grabbing a walrus to harvest its tusks for reuse as piranha teeth" (the fish being used in a game), and I sent him a frame from my avatar to use "as a testificate".

In five minutes, I modified that walrus to this:


Not bad for 5 minutes :P
u/_iPhoenix_ October 31, 2018, 01:31:13 PM
Happy Halloween, codewalrus!
u/Dream of Omnimaga November 08, 2018, 04:19:15 PM
I like it @_iPhoenix_ :D

Also this had to happen:

u/Dream of Omnimaga November 20, 2018, 03:50:10 AM
It's official, thanks to my game, what actually is in Walrii world is Réseau de Transport de la Capitale walrus. xd
u/M4x1m3 July 21, 2020, 03:52:09 PM
Here is my small contribution to this topic: NumlWorks Walrii

Hope you like it ^^
u/Dream of Omnimaga July 21, 2020, 04:09:18 PM
I like it! :D I guess it's now the sister (or brother) of Walrii-ti84 xd
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