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Not a Number: Olduvai (Knee-Deep in the Dead) Redux (single) (2023)

Started by racingstripeAV, April 28, 2023, 07:13:11 PM

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Olduvai (Knee-Deep in the Dead) Redux (2023)

01. Olduvai (Knee-Deep in the Dead) Redux 4:48
[spoiler]02. Olduvai (Knee-Deep in the Dead) Redux [Instrumental] 4:48
03. Olduvai (Knee-Deep in the Dead) Redux [A capella] 3:51
04. Olduvai (Knee-Deep in the Dead) [original 2013 mix] 4:38
05. Olduvai (Knee-Deep in the Dead) [2023 Rough demo vers.] 4:42[/spoiler]

Today marks the tenth anniversary of "Olduvai (Knee-Deep in the Dead)", an admittedly-unknown song from my back catalogue, one that I don't recall ever sharing (I don't even think I had shared it on the old TIMGUL site... it's certainly not in the archives). But, much like what I had done with Aphelion back in 2021, I had long felt that this track also needed the sound it truly deserved.

For archive's sake, I have included the original 2013 version of "Olduvai" alongside the 2023 Redux, both as a pay-what-you-want download, or you can purchase it for exclusive extras.
I did also upload it onto Spotify, but I think the distributor's being a bit slow.

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