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New updates for Minecraft 2D!

Started by chalex, May 23, 2021, 09:31:29 PM

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Main topic -

I am releasing the v2 version Chalex's MC2D Mod!

Textures look bad due to being taken with an emulator!! They look crisp on hardware!
A showcase of all the new blocks!

Strongholds now have a 1 in 10 chance of generating in place of dungeons!

 - Hamster changed to glowstone
 - A few crashes fixed

 - Strongholds generate in place of 1/10th of a dungeon! They contain an end portal and some stairs. Once I manage to make a new dimension I might even be able to implement the End :o
 - New stone brick block types!:
    - Stone Bricks (craftable from 4 stone)
    - Mossy Stone Bricks (craftable from 1 vine and 1 stone brick)
    - Cracked Stone Bricks (craftable by smelting stone bricks)
    - Stone Brick Stairs (craftable from 6 stone bricks)
 - Other new blocks!
    - Vines (obtainable as chest loot and act like ladders)
    - Iron bars (craftable from 6 iron)
    - End portal frames (not craftable)[/font]

Bugs >:(:
 - Sometimes the roof of strongholds spit an error. I have no clue why.

 - The end!
 - Valuable blocks (block of iron, gold etc)
 - Nether Portals to teleport to the "Nether" layer!
 - Endermen!


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