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Calc Projects, Programming & Tutorials / Re: Linux
« Last post by Streetwalrus on Today at 09:30:36 am »
*Will need help with the programming part
I'm sure you've already been told, but don't just say this, because it implies that you want us to hold your hand and do things for you. If you have a specific question, do ask it, but otherwise do refrain or people will dismiss you as someone who doesn't really want to learn (to be honest, it's already too late for you, but you can always make up for it).

Also, I would like you to change the name of this project. It has absolutely nothing to do with Linux, and it's a trademark infringement, which has been discussed before. Why not come up with something original?
Calc Projects, Programming & Tutorials / Re: Linux
« Last post by Alvajoy123 on Today at 08:28:05 am »
Linux will be in ICE this is an update
Why is it in ice because ice has a viraty or commands and lot of graphic commands

This will add a better look and better funtion

*And Linux will kind of look like file manager

*Will need help with the programming part
I will be using Sprite

Why am I using Sprite?
Am using it for menu button and maybe the mouse
It will come tomorrow lol. I was up late last night and this night prepping it. 2am here. Not my normal sleep schedule. Will come in one big zip file
Glad to see World 3 finished. I can't wait to try it ^^
Calc Projects, Programming & Tutorials / Re: Dragon Warrior (-ish thing) CE
« Last post by _iPhoenix_ on Yesterday at 09:43:07 pm »
Translation: Don't worry about making the code open source, get get it f*cking done.
Please by all means keep the code closed source for now.
Just keep developing.
Media Talk / Re: Digital or physical? (games, music, movies)
« Last post by _iPhoenix_ on Yesterday at 09:41:09 pm »
One copy is not enough! If something is important enough for me to back it up, I generally make a copy of it somewhere else on my hard drive, then on an external hard drive, and on flash drive which I give to my neighbor (who is resigned to the fact that I am paranoid)
Most stuffs (that I am too lazy to add to the main post!)

The Flame

More of a music theory exercise than a song, but here:

Worst song ever written in A minor that switches for NO REASON to C major
Media Talk / Re: Digital or physical? (games, music, movies)
« Last post by c4ooo on Yesterday at 07:30:02 pm »
I like having a backup copy of the game. Be it disk, or in a zip file.
Thanks guys!

That horse is awesome.The proportions of this horse are spot on.
I can't draw horses, but I can learn, right?
Yep that's why we have YouTube

Yeah. I looked at some tutorials a while back, but tbh, they don't really help me.

It also helps that one of my friends loves horses, so I took some tips from her like a bajillion years ago...
Calc Projects, Programming & Tutorials / Re: Raiders: A Zelda-Like game.
« Last post by mazhat on Yesterday at 06:16:12 pm »

>When the picture takes up more than 50% of the post.

Break and enter update!

Early Graphical Update
       -New tile set and tiles!
Inventory and Interactions
      -Things in your inventory now react, just bump into stuff!
      -Doors can be broken open with crowbars
      -You can talk to the landlord, but it just says "rent" and a place holder.
     -There's now stat modifiers.
      -> Implemented: Breaking the doors require Strength, and sneaking requires Charisma.
                 Heart - How liberal you are
                 Intelligence - How smart you are (Hacking, hot wiring cars and lock picking)
                 Wisdom - How conservative you are
                 Health - General health
                 Agility - HtH combat stuff.
                 Strength - The ability to destroy and HtH combat
                 Charisma - The ability to sneak away and recruit people.

Next up:
-Spray painting the walls, because that's fun!
-Implementing encounters.
-Base of operations and safe havens.
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