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Media Talk / Re: Funny/awesome Youtube videos
« on: Today at 02:14:32 am »
Wait, McPizza is still a thing? O.O I remember when I was kid my bro always got my mom to order that at McD's, but McPizza hasn't been available in Quebec since the early 90's. I never did because I hated how they only put cheese on it, no pepperoni nor vegetables. It was really bare-bones XD

Also, this horror movie scene is really random O.O (WARNING: GRAPHIC)


General Music Talk / Re: What are you listening to?
« on: Today at 01:42:30 am »
I think the weirdest album art award goes to System of a Down with their album called "Steal this album" :P

Other / Re: Latest CW trends.
« on: Today at 12:46:30 am »
I dunno if Alvajoy  or c4ooo started it but one had two ??? smileys in his sig and the other three, so I put four in my sig, and now you just broke it cuz you have not only way more than five @Juju D:, but your sig is too large to be fully visible D: (maybe put the Yuki Walrii next to the Yuki-Chan text)? :P

Gaming / Re: Post your game purchases and collection!
« on: Today at 12:44:27 am »
New game purchases (using my in-store credits again, so I saved 15% due to no taxes :D):

-Zelda: Breath of the Wild for the Switch (I'm now keeping the Wii U copy as collectible)
-Xenoblade Chronicles X for Wii U

Gaming / Re: Nintendo Switch console
« on: Today at 12:42:21 am »
Lol actually I wonder if the Wii U GCN gamepad can work on the Switch... hmm...

Anyway I finally got my Switch console and it's definitively much less bulky than the Wii U gamepad, while also being much more versatile with the ways we can use the joycon controllers.  :D

Other / Re: Latest CW trends.
« on: Yesterday at 11:47:25 pm »
Who's next? :P

Tech, Science, IT discussion & News / Re: Scaling algorithms
« on: Yesterday at 04:36:23 pm »
Wow, those Resident Evil pictures look great. As for a video, I guess what could be done is split the video into multiple PNG files, bulk-apply Waifu2x to all of them then re-merge them into a video.

Drawing & Animation / Re: Walrii fanart
« on: Yesterday at 04:32:12 pm »
Something cool would be if we had a real Walrii plush toy and took multiple pictures with the flippers and body placed differently in each of them. We could have a walrus game with Donkey Kong Country SNES style

Calc Projects, Programming & Tutorials / Re: KILL CMND
« on: Yesterday at 04:27:41 pm »
I wonder... Will it be possible in the options to change the color of our units and enemy units like in Starcraft and Warcraft? I thought I would suggest that since units are made of two colors, it seems. Regardless, I hope you find motivation to work on this again soon.

Other / Re: Politics? Where's your dot? :)
« on: Yesterday at 04:26:16 pm »
Ephraim as vice-president? D:

Also Ranman I thought the term limit was 8 years already?

It would be interesting to see a comparison of the 2010-13 fx-CG10/20 PCB's, the 2014-17 one and the fx-CG50 side by side.

Calc Projects, Programming & Tutorials / Re: StopwatchCE
« on: Yesterday at 04:06:09 pm »
I don't mind the controls actually. I had watches where you used the same button for start and pause and others where two buttons were used.

They raise and lower the water level.

Have you tested the compatibility of this new emulator? I remember that some add-ins had speed issues in the old fx-CG manager (I think something about timers behaving the other way around, such as short timer delays lasting much longer while long timer delays last much shorter, but I could be wrong since it has been half a decade since I read about it) and IIRC some also had key input problems.

Calc Projects, Programming & Tutorials / Re: TI-84+CE
« on: Yesterday at 06:06:41 am »
Yeah I know. :P

Anyway from past experiences on multiple forums, when someone try to get team members for a project without writing a significant portion of the code beforehand, the project usually fails, because people thinks the main author will get his team to write the entire code and the leader will get an equal amount of credits without doing any work. Recruiting team members for a project only really works when the project is well past alpha stages and teamates are usually in charge of drawing graphics, maps or testing, not programming (there are rare cases where the leader will not code anything and the project will still work, such as Escheron, but only if the leader has done a considerable amount of alternate work on the project, such as having the entire story/plan/graphic set done.)

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