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Drawing & Animation / Re: Walrii fanart
« on: Today at 01:50:56 am »
It already was made O.O

I am serious. I doubt anyone still has a copy. It was really pr0n of our :walrii: D:

Drawing & Animation / Re: Walrii fanart
« on: Yesterday at 11:46:05 pm »
Not rule 34 (the Internet rule, not the CW one) I hope? O.O

Just kdding :P

Drawing & Animation / Re: Walrii fanart
« on: Yesterday at 10:58:00 pm »
You'll make a Phoenix Walrii on caffeine? :P

Drawing & Animation / Re: Walrii fanart
« on: Yesterday at 10:56:21 pm »
Flashy walruses are continuing to multiply (also this was supposed to be named 420donewrong but for whatever reasons it kept my original name idea :P)

This, below, is exactly what happened on the Moon when the NASA went there:

That's still 400+ If blocks, though O.O

That makes me wish I did not quit calc programming. I did tilemapping before so maybe I could have found workarounds. But having to check 800 boundaries must cause massive slowdowns O.O

Calc Projects, Programming & Tutorials / Re: Driller kNight
« on: Yesterday at 04:21:42 pm »
I see why redoing the maps is necessary now. Reminds me how I had to redo parts of Metroid II Evolution 84+ from scratch because major changes were needed and I couldn't figure out what the old code did 

Other / Re: Scenery in your country (user photos only)
« on: Yesterday at 04:02:28 pm »
Ah I see now. Do you live in abig city?

Site Discussion & Bug Reports / Re: How to use WalrusIRC
« on: Yesterday at 03:56:33 pm »
Wait, Browser Ponies as in an extension or a full browser?

Other / Re: Scenery in your country (user photos only)
« on: Yesterday at 01:46:27 pm »
Nice but is it me or all our Dutch members live on farm land or close? O.O

General Music Talk / Re: What does a walrus sound like?
« on: Yesterday at 03:32:37 am »
WARNING: EXTREMELY LOUD VOLUME! This is the real deal, straight from early 2010


This is a Super Mario World custom music, but it ended up being the sound of a :walrii:

No pointers in ICE yet.

Media Talk / Re: Funny (and awesome) picture thread
« on: May 28, 2017, 08:40:27 pm »
Lol I like when people make funny signs like this XD. Kinda like when the forklift at work broke down and they placed funny messages in multiple slangs and languages on it to warn people that it's out of service. :P

Consoles / Re: Wal-Rush! NES
« on: May 28, 2017, 08:37:50 pm »
Well if it's due to the sprite limit then that'swhy it flivkers I guess. Don't you need to display like 3-4 sprites per frame alrenatively?

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