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Re: Prime Linux
« on: September 01, 2017, 05:48:49 am »
Fantastic job, congratulations :)
We knew since the beginning that it would be possible, but nobody was sufficiently interested in doing that work - until now.
Good thing to be posting on this board as well.

Mainlining the port is an absolute must for long-term maintenance, and for a 32-bit ARM9 platform, this does indeed require using DT: it already was a requirement when the Nspire Linux port was mainlined years ago, as Arnd Bergmann indicated when replying to The tools associated to Nspire Linux may save you some time with that task: there's a DTB loader in there.
It's alright to make a bit more progress on a non-DT kernel for now, but you'll soon be spending time on code you'll have to redo for using DT, so you shouldn't wait much ;)
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