Author Topic: CodeWalrus status update: SMF 2.0 => PhpBB 3.2 at the horizon  (Read 2157 times)

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I thought this would take a little more time but seems like you got fed up with SMF.
I tried to use it for a while and it's clear that PhpBB is superior to SMF on almost all fronts.
Something like FlaskBB would have been better but i guess you needed to have PhpBB support. (plus i'm not sure you can do the IRC chat in flaskbb)

Nah, we made a long list of forum software, looked at what we wanted in it and most of them failed the test and phpBB stood out as the one that makes the most sense so far. FlaskBB looks interesting, though. If we find something better than phpBB we'd probably switch to that instead.

Will all the files that are up for download go to an archive to preserve them for the new website?
They should be moved with the new site. If not, they still should be preserved.

Also will the website have a new interface?
Most likely. Of course we'll have to write a new theme to match the green one we have right now, but yeah, it should feel new.

This seems exciting for the future of CW.  :D

Will there be a safe-haven subforum, and an excess of :walrii: on the site?
Nothing is going to change on that side.

Sounds like a plan guys! I know that the future of CW was a bit hazy a little while ago, so I'm glad that you've got all that figured out and even doing upgrades! I will honestly miss post ratings a bit, but that's ok because I accidentally downvoted xlibman like 3 times, so now it's reset.
Post ratings are probably going to return under a different form. It's not the highest priority in the move and it may or may not be reset (but we'll make our best so it's not), but yeah, I think post ratings in its current form are a bit of a mess and probably causes more trouble than it should. Oh well, we'll see.

will the password reset feature work once this is done?  >:D
Most likely.
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