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[TI-84+CE] Mode 7 test project

Started by tr1p1ea, January 03, 2018, 02:25:39 AM

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For some reason I thought I had a Mode 7 topic here, but I cannot find it (If a mod finds it please merge etc)

I have been messing with Mode 7 style effects for the calcs for ages and have recently ported some code over to the CE to see how it runs. At this stage it seems to work ok, but there is a lot of room for improvement as always.

Here is a test screenshot, note that the test sprite is only 3 frames so it looks weird when turning, but it is just a test:

Note that I'm not sure if I'll actually finish anything with this as I have a terrible record for that. And if I do it wont feature any Mario Kart graphics directly, the sprites are just for testing ... Maybe I can feature a Walrii Kart?!


Wow,! this is awesome :D
A walrii cart game would be cool to see :)


That would be pretty cool indeed.
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DJ Omnimaga

Looks very smooth tr1p1ea! I agree that a :walrii: game would be cool, especially that I had some Walrii kart sprites somewhere
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Looks great! Did you have to compress or downscale the map at all? Would an increasing size or detail of the map lead to a slower framerate? How about adding collision? I'm really curious to see if anyone could pick this up or make some SNES port like a Mario Kart game.
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Thanks! This is just a testmap and I dont plan on using any actual SNES maps etc - all maps need to be specifically made properly - but the tracks are just 2D tilemaps. I should also note that the engine is running at half-half resolution for the track ... which is why it can look lowish quality when up close, but it's for speed.

Minor update - I was tossing up between sprite scaling at runtime or pre-sized sprites. The old speed vs size ... I really didnt like the idea of KB's and KB's of sprite data but I was a bit skeptical of runtime scaling. The results thus far are promising for scaling as shown here:

At present I can have 8 of these 24x24 sprites on screen and still maintain 32fps. Of course there is no collision detection, HUD, AI or anything which would slow things down further. I only plan on having 4 player races for speed reasons.

I also added a scrolling background as well to make things look a little more like a proper racing game:

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You guys never stop amazing me with your abilities.

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Outstanding sir!!! Well done my friend.   :thumbsup:
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Appreciate the encouragement!

After a lot of difficulty I finally got object rendering working with sufficient accuracy:

Note that I'm driving slow so I can properly look at the object as it approaches.

This was one of the harder things on the ToDo list, so I'm glad I've made progress :).

DJ Omnimaga

You should keep those graphics, but with walruses in addition to Oiram. They look very cool and PICO-8-like ^^

I like the speed too
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Very good observation as coincidentally I'm using the PICO-8 palette for now :).

I also added direction sprites and some other minor fixes:


I actually think you should make a 3d mario kart game. Call it "tarkoiram" :P
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