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Descent - a puzzle game for the entire 8X+ series

Started by JWinslow23, October 26, 2017, 03:00:00 PM

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The attached download link is outdated. Click the screenshot to go to the latest version!
Also, click here to download on TICalc!

Original post
Quote from: Original postOver the past few months, the slow trickle of new released programs and games for the 8X+ series has slowed even more. In an attempt to remedy that, I'm making a new game, compatible with both color and monochrome calculators.

It is unnamed as of yet, but it's based on Escape, The Psyche, and Orbix. It is a game in which you are a marble, sliding through stages and past obstacles in order to get to the exit. Moving in a direction moves you until you are stopped by a wall, and it requires you to be creative and problem-solve.

One level is included as of now. It is compatible with both color and monochrome calculators (and the look changes slightly for color calculators). Try it, and tell me what you think!

Also, what should I call this? Should there be a story, and if so, what should it involve?


Looks good so far! I like the animating level complete block, kinda looks like a portal or something! Also, not to throw shade, but isn't there another TI-84+ series puzzle game that we should probably get some more work done on? :P I'm down when you are.
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Maybe you could make the map slowly changing, like a bacteria slowly eating it away... and you have to get through all the rooms on one of many parallel paths (maybe solving puzzles or something) but be fast enough before all the paths close? (like escaping a burning maze)
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Quote from: JWinslow23 on October 27, 2017, 08:46:40 PM
Crap. You're right. I did forget that, didn't I? :-\

Well, this is where my mind is at right now. I'm pretty sure I could do something with that other project soon, though.
No, don't worry, I understand when you have your sights set on a project, it's hard to shift gears into anything else :P I'm the same way right now, working on Gateway to Legend. When you're done with this though, I'd love to get back to a bit of TI-Basic programming!
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Made some progress! I added level numbers and cutscenes, and coded a level editor which returns a list with your inputted level data.

Download attached. Tell me what you think!

Also, Descent is a tentative title only. I might decide on something different later.


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Added another level, added intro, improved control, altered graphics slightly, and improved the speed of the truck (not in the screenie).

Downloads attached (DESCENT is the game, and DESCEDIT is the editor). If anyone wants to volunteer to design levels, PM me!


I'd gladly help design levels.

I'll create about 20 decent levels, then shoot you a PM with the level data.

As stated on Cemetech, I'm also working on a program that generates levels procedurally.
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Awesome, thank you!

I want there to be some sort of curve, by the way. First levels with only blocks, then introduce spikes, then introduce reflectors (the diagonal lines), then introduce collapsers (the horizontal/vertical lines) and put it all together.


JWin, I love this game already after playing the two levels  :D . The integration of reflective panels and spikes are awesome. I wish there was a reset button as I made some mistakes in solving level 2 and needed to restart the whole game in order to get a new try. Other than that it is great. Wish you luck on finishing it!  :w00t:

Quote from: _iPhoenix_ on October 29, 2017, 02:57:32 PM
I'd gladly help design levels.

I'll create about 20 decent levels, then shoot you a PM with the level data.

As stated on Cemetech, I'm also working on a program that generates levels procedurally.
Maybe make any levels you can and then order them in difficulty?
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For that specific level, going around to the top-left if on the border is one way to reset it without a reset button. However, I will take your suggestion of adding a reset button, as I'm sure that there are some level setups that will get people stuck if they move in certain ways.

Thank you, by the way! I appreciate that!

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@JWinslow23 I saw the screenshot above and  this looks well-done... well... so far ^^
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Added [MODE] as a reset button, and now the game has 7 levels.

Suggestion time! Should I add a "score" mechanism to record the lowest number of moves you have made? Should I add a way to play singular custom levels? How would you feel about a menu? Why am I asking you all these questions instead of coding them?



Added a menu, with instructions, custom level playing, and a truck!

Download attached. Suggestions and improvements welcome! I'd also like some more levels.

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