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Songtradr and Bandcamp rant

Started by Dream of Omnimaga, October 25, 2023, 02:50:02 AM

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Dream of Omnimaga

cing c! Why the c does it cing seem that whenever the c a bunch of cing awesome cers cing create a cing amazing website like Bandcamp it cing get ced by cing ced greedy companies like cing Songtradr? Holy cing c! I cing swear that those cing ced cers cing ced cing ced cers cing cing ced cers cingly while cing wiping their anus off diarrhea using cing dollar bills. I cing smashed 14 cing mice and cing keyboards after cing reading the cing news about Bandcamp. I'd rather swim in a septic tank filled with crocodiles. I'd rather eat my own c then puke it back then eat it again. I'd rather eat a rotten skunk. I'd rather watch 2girls1cup while greening out on drugs. I'd rather snort two gallons of buffalo diarrhea. c Songtradr, watch them run Bandcamp into the ground!

(This rant is not really serious. Well... it is, but without less swearing.)
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I was also super unhappy to learn about the news. The good news is that we still seem to own our purchased music. I should make a point of downloading it. If bandcamp goes under, there will likely be a different platform to take its place, but of course that's suboptimal.
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