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Not a Number: Black Millennium — Act One: Lost (2022)

Started by racingstripeAV, May 26, 2022, 03:26:20 PM

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More than a century prior to Róçtok's takeover of the Eastern Union of Kingdoms, the world of Folúp' was almost pushed to the brink: Mysteries unravelled, histories rewritten, and civilisations rediscovered. And this story shall also be told; the puzzle will soon be finally solved, one piece at a time...

Tales of Amis'fiça: Black Millennium — Act One: Lost (2022)
> <

01. The Next Piece of the Puzzle 2:56
02. Someone Else's Story — I — Extras 7:16
03. The Great Migration 5:44
04. Someone Else's Story — II — Hand of Steel 8:37
05. Against the Shadow 2:51
--- I. An Incoming Storm
06. Against the Shadow 4:41
--- II. Within the Inbetween
--- III. Welcome, Traveller

07. Lost & Found 9:56
--- I. Hey, You...You're Finally Awake (A Million Miles Away)
--- II. Enter Miyalu
--- III. Silent Connection

08. The Curse of the Isles of Amis'fiça 10:03
--- I. Exception to the Rule
--- II. Darkness' Descent
--- III. The Curse
--- IV. To the Lands that Lie Beyond the Wall

09. On the Wings of a Dragon 5:51
10. There's No Place Like Home 4:18

Deluxe Bandcamp Edition bonus tracks:

11. The Nexus [demo] 6:08
12. The Next Piece of the Puzzle [instrumental] 3:09
13. Someone Else's Story — I — Extras [instrumental] 7:08
14. The Great Migration [instrumental] 5:20
15. Someone Else's Story — II — Hand of Steel [instrumental] 8:06
16. Against the Shadow [instrumental] 7:04
17. Lost & Found [instrumental] 9:41
18. The Curse of the Isles of Amis'fiça [instrumental] 9:43
19. On the Wings of a Dragon [instrumental] 5:51
20. There's No Place Like Home [instrumental] 4:16

"Have you ever noticed that all stories start in the middle? Not its premise, of course; but the surrounding context and the stage presented are always set long before any tale's commencement.
But ah, do I detect an air of bewilderment amongst the audience that I am granted? Perhaps this is our paths crossing for the first time, be it for you, or indeed... for I? You must forgive me, for the directions in which time herself has shown she can flow are not as uniform as one would first assume.
Nonetheless, while I sense no ill in introductions, one could argue it unnecessary to give you mine. Not that you are not deserving mind you, but while I am not exactly of... "your" world, it would be foolish to say that I am of... "this" one either. Think of me as "The Weaver" of this "web" being re-spun before you.
But this path has already been predetermined; neither you, nor even I can alter its course or outcomes, with the fates of its world's peoples locked forever, set in stone. Of course, it is always said that the journey is more than the destination..."

You didn't think this story was going to be over after the conclusion of the Messenger Trilogy albums, did you? Oh no, I've only just begun to tell the stories of this world.
Obviously, as the title implies, this is just the first half of this particular story, but I have been busy working on Act Two — no idea on when it'll be finished, but I'm hoping for the end of next year, barring any delays.


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