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c Everywhere - an introduction

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b/Music 2000 (MTVMG) publicado por u/dirteverywhere November 01, 2017, 11:11:15 PM
Bizarre dance music and experimental noise comedy from the world's number 1 c-themed electronic duo. Third album 'An Accident In My Pants' out now.

The story of c Everywhere begins in the glorious 90s... The brilliant 'Music 2000' allowed us to create music without even owning or knowing how to play an instrument. The game featured a huge range of instrument samples, however vocal samples were slightly more limited. Among the vocal samples was a guy shouting numbers, one of which was the number six. When the quality of these vocal samples was reduced, the "six" came out sounding much more like "c". After discovering this amusing glitch, for a laugh I decided to make a song that featured the word "c". I mentioned this to my school friend Horace, who was inspired to get the PlayStation out and do the same thing. Even more hilariously, we discovered that many of the Music 2000 vocal samples sounded very much like straining groans, which immediately bought to mind toilet-related activity when coupled with the splash sound effect from the sample library. We ended up with four c-themed songs, recorded them onto a cassette and labelled them as "'Four Songs About c' by c Everywhere". We made copies for our mates and enjoyed many hours discussing the hilarity of our musical creations. Sadly for the music world, c Everywhere would not release any more music for over a decade.

Years later, it was 2011 and we were now both grown men approaching our 30s. I looked through my cassette collection but could find no trace of 'Four Songs About c', and neither could Horace. A work of incredible genius lost in time. We decided to recreate the 'Four Tracks About c' cassette using the PlayStation and Music 2000, which soon led to an entire album of c-related songs. Ranging from euphoric floorfillers to bursts of bizarre and obscene noise, it's a record full to the brim with messed up, heavily percussive loops, vintage electronic machine sounds, mental monkey screaming, tribal drums,funk, thunderous roars, mad distortion and low, pitched down voices. The album 'Twelve Songs About c' was released online in 2012 and was soon being played by listeners all over the world.

In 2013 we began hosting online radio shows on a local internet station. In between the very few live shows, the station would broadcast a continuous random playlist of songs. Sometimes we would both turn up at the studio and subvert the airwaves by taking the auto playlist off air and playing bizarre noises, weird music and samples from film and TV. Soon we would be staying behind after our evening shows and taking over the airwaves with what we used to refer to as "The Mental Hour". These broadcasts would consist of odd, slowed down live "remixes" of various songs, plus strange sound collages and remixes that we would put together. A couple of years later we decided to use similar techniques as part of a second c Everywhere album. Now using a smartphone emulator as well as other software, tracks were created everywhere, including on buses and trains while fellow passengers sat unaware of the madness being created in their presence.
More time and focus on the music resulted in songs that ended up longer, more spacious and even more strange. The record runs through various different electronic genres, but has a noticeable lean towards techno flavours alongside insane bass heavy codas, slamming hardcore, Hitler, medieval folk, ced up electronic morris dancing music, subversion through warped samples, random noise and many other indistinguishable things. Since it was our second album, 'Number 2' seemed like an appropriate thing to add to its title, because "having a number 2" is sometimes used as a term for taking a c. 'Number 2: The c Symphony' was released in August 2016.

When we resurrected c Everywhere in 2011, we had no idea that we would make a second album, let alone a third one. But that's exactly what happened in 2017. In fact, work on the record began a few years earlier, with ideas for the many of the tracks created by Horace and stored on memory cards at some point in between 2013 and 2016. When comparing our first and second albums, the first was an introductory collection of weird and comical c-themed songs, while the second was an exercise in making experimental noise comedy and strange mixtures of musical styles. And blending the two approaches together made for our most accomplished work yet, building on the things we've done before and creating an LP that is representative of our wild and eclectic jumble of sound.

We combined the vintage game creations of the first record with the sampling, and endless possibilities of putting things together using more advanced modern technology. If reliving old memories had been the inspiration behind the first album, and our radical radio experiments influenced the direction of the second, then the monthly DJ sets both of us started playing at a local venue certainly shaped the sound of our third full-length effort. Keen to play plenty of cEverywhere songs to bewildered club-goers, we wanted plenty of bangers on this album, and the bangers did indeed come. As well as the off-kilter floorfillers, there's acid techno, drum n bass, bizarre sound collages, free jazz, stoner hillbilly hip hop, dubstep and lots more madness. 'An Accident In My Pants' is our greatest artistic achievement yet, and is available for you to enjoy now.

Soundcloud (including full album streams and downloads)
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u/Dream of Omnimaga November 03, 2017, 12:04:12 PM
I'm checking this out later when I get extra time. (read: when I have beaten Mario Odyssey and Ys VIII :trollface: ) . When it comes to unusual musical styles I am very curious, since that's over 70% of what I normally listen to.
u/dirteverywhere November 05, 2017, 02:57:50 AM
Well it's certainly unusual, theres no doubt about that. Two other cassette tapes to stream and download or even buy at, i will share these soon.
u/Dream of Omnimaga November 05, 2017, 01:08:17 PM
Oh darn, cassette recordings. There are some of those on one of my two recent albums and I still got tape recordings of my other old songs that I eventually recordee again directly to the computer.
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