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b/Music 2000 (MTVMG) publicado por u/Dream of Omnimaga February 28, 2017, 07:21:51 AM
I thought I would make a separate topic for my music that was originally or currently intended to be video game soundtrack for past or future projects. The following is a new song for Superstar Hero JRPG, if it was to be revived (if I do so I am planning to only use my own music including the unused soundtrack from ROL0 remake). The following song combines the style of ROL0 Remake and Superstar Hero:

Many of my other game songs are available below (most are on Illegal Music Chemistry or Destiny Knight)
Last Edit: February 28, 2017, 07:27:01 AM by DJ Omnimaga
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u/novenary February 28, 2017, 06:07:50 PM
That's a pretty awesome song, I should listen to the rest later.
u/Dream of Omnimaga February 28, 2017, 07:35:36 PM
Thanks a lot. You might have heard the other songs before, since they're much older (2008-2012), but we never know
u/novenary February 28, 2017, 08:02:26 PM
Without listening I only remember La Porte du Soleil actually, and probably not that one mix.
u/Dream of Omnimaga February 28, 2017, 08:09:14 PM
Yeah this is a 80's style synthpop remix of my power metal song. It was originally not intended to be included in a game. Aside from the TIMGUL artists, SSH was supposed to include Superstar Hero, Frozen Danger, 9108 AD, the SSH Rickroll remix and Super Ultimate Mega Doom, while the remake of The Reign of Legends Zero was gonna include ROL0 title theme, Escape 320k, Generic Battle, Mysterious Island, Dark Story.

The game will probably also use the Mysterious Island song pitched up sometimes if it gets continued.
u/novenary February 28, 2017, 08:10:55 PM
Oh wait, Frozen Danger. I remember this one now, it's awesome. Also isn't Mysterious Island on AKoO ? (ah nvm, Island of Mysteries, lol).
u/Dream of Omnimaga February 28, 2017, 08:21:14 PM
Yeah Island of Mysteries is a remix of Mysterious Island. Some portions of Theola the One are also covers of Superstar Hero, Epic Journey through the Galaxy and Escape 320k.

Also Destination 1999 AD is in the game, which I forgot to mention above. The game overall music style is in-between 16 and 32 bits and TurboDuo I guess. ROL0 remake was more SNES style (all tracks only used 8 Music 2000 sound channels with samples at 22 KHz and the same reverb effect as heard in some SNES games), while Superstar Hero original music (along with the 80's remix of La Porte du Soleil) was very similar to the TurboDuo (PCEngine with CD add-on) version of Ys Book I and II and Valis III. An Obestian Tale mixes both styles together. Destination 1999 AD just goes full 32-bit mode outright.
Last Edit: February 28, 2017, 08:24:59 PM by DJ Omnimaga
u/novenary February 28, 2017, 08:23:18 PM
Ah I see. I'll give them a listen now.
u/p2 February 28, 2017, 09:11:43 PM
currntyl+ listening to then sax well :) thesy really yoound goid so far :)
u/Dream of Omnimaga February 28, 2017, 09:13:12 PM
Sax? ???

(ironically, the song actually has sax instruments in it, but the way they're used they sound more like Sega Genesis lol)
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b/Music 2000 (MTVMG)

This section is dedicated to MTV Music Generator, Music 2000, Music 3000 and other music softwares by Jester Interactive and Codemasters. You can also showcase songs made with them here.

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