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I had that idea when one too many person said that Axe was intrinsically unreadable (even though nope, a "noob's" Axe is as readable as a "noob's" Basic, and an "expert's" Axe is as unreadable as an "expert's" Basic, it's just that many more Axe programmers were into optimization, thus making more unreadable Axe programs than unreadable Basic programs).

Anyway, here's the source for a Hello World.


The challenge is to produce the same output but with a smaller program... and obviously without using any other character than the ones already in use (not counting ".AA") :P
Note, -> is the sto arrow, and ^^r is the superscript r.

For those who would like the 8xp directly for the source, you can download it here.
Well, I have a graph problem. Yeah, that's the title.

Basically, imagine nodes in a plane (well, they'll be in space but let's say plane to keep things simple), without any edge for now, because the problem is exactly to find out where to put the edges. And where do we want edges? We want edges between neighbour nodes, meaning that a node will have an edge with all the closest nodes. What does that mean "closest"? There is a difference between "the 5 closest" and "the 20 closest", so yeah, my definition doesn't mean c, that's exactly my problem :P

So I'll give an example. Here are 3 nodes in line with the wanted edges. There is no edge between 1 and 3 because 2 is closer.


Well, that was one stupid example. But basically, imagine more nodes, not necessarily in line. Well, imagine you're a point, moving in the plane. There is obviously a node that you're closest to, that we will call X. And a node Y would be called a "closest node to X" if your point can move from X to Y while having its closest node being always either X or Y.
In the above example, that's why 1 isn't a "closest node to 3", because whatever you do, if you try to move from 3 to 1, at some point the closest node to you will be 2.

So I have to code this, but I can't code something I didn't even define by words and rules, so does anyone have any idea how to get these rules down on paper?
Well well, I have been a Firefox user for ages but really, the more updates it gets, the slower it becomes. And now it's so ridiculously slow that I only had to try Chrome (or Chromium actually, but whatever) for 5 minutes to be convinced that a switch wouldn't be a loss (for real, booting Firefox takes 5 seconds where Chrome needs 0, and closing Firefox takes 1 second where Chrome needs 0, and you've got the same speed difference while browsing...).

However, I was used to my Firefox setup, so I'd like to have something as close to it as possible, and would like to know if it is possible with Chrome, and if so, how.

So is there a way to have these requirements fullfilled ?

  • No user history of any kind (I mean, I do not have a dropdown menu in "settings" that shows what I browsed, I do not have purple links where I already clicked, but obviously Chrome keeps an internal history so the "back" function still works)
  • Can re-open a tab after I closed it (mostly by mistake)

Well, I have other things that I'd want but these ones are the main ones :P

And it seems like the only way to fulfill the first one is to get in incognito mode, but for some reason it then makes the second one impossible (and don't tell me "of course, incognito doesn't remember your history so it's obvious that you can't re-open a tab" because if that was the case, the "back" button would do nothing). And the only extensions I found to get a "re-open" feature were ones that re-instated a public history so it's not what I want either...

Any ideas?
Well, I got a Pi in December and it collected dust until now, so I just got a case for it and installed retropie :P
[spoiler=The case]


Anyway, as the title says, I'm now looking for a controller. And I can't find a decent one for a decent price -.-

- wired
- 4 buttons on the right side, in a cross shape (I'd say all controllers have that, except the NES ones)
- a D-Pad on the left side (probably all controllers have that)
- 2 shoulders
- a stick on both sides (that's what kills the SNES controller)
- at least 3 more buttons (for start, select and a general one)

- USB port (because adapters are annoying)
- 2 more shoulders if possible
- not fugly :P

So, good examples of that are the Classic Controller and its Pro counterpart. They have all the buttons asked for in Requirements and Wanted, they're not fugly... but they don't have an USB port.
Another example may be the XBox One controller, if it exists in a wired version. But for the price of one of those, I could get a new Pi, so that's a bit ridiculous.
An example of ugly one is the XBox 360 controller, or the Logitech F310.
That one would have been perfect too if wired, but nope.

Any suggestions?
Consoles / [3DS] Undertone
August 06, 2016, 02:46:22 PM
Those who were there during the 4x3 contest may remember Four Shades of Grey. Well this project here is a remake of that one, but on the 3DS, which supports more than just shades of grey, hence the name change.

Those who were not, the gameplay is simple. There are tiles with levels, from 0 to 3 (lightest to darkest). You must get all tiles to 0 by walking on them but you can't walk on 0 ones or you lose. Edges wrap.

Well right now, all you can do is play the same level again and again :P
It's actually random generated already, but since I don't seed anything and never change dimensions, it's always that one that comes out...
So yeah, either fail and the thing is reset, or solve it and the game exits. You can also exit with the START key.

Obviously, more stuff coming. That's just the first build.

Video here, and nope, I don't show the solution :P

Source and downloads:

CFW users can just flash that with FBI
No idea if that's the right place to post, especially since I'm mostly asking for 3DS dev but since it might apply to C in general, I posted here...

So, is there a way to detect what functions are never called from a certain starting function, recursively?
Example, if you didn't get what I said.

int a() {
    return 1;
int b() {
    return 2;
int c() {
    return a()+1;
int main() {
  return c()+2;

Well, then.
- what functions aren't called from a? b, c, main.
- what functions aren't called from b? a, c, main.
- what functions aren't called from c? b, main (a is called directly from c).
- what functions aren't called from main? b (c is called directly from main and a is called indirectly from c).

So is there something that can parse my files and tell me this?
Note, this has to be a tool that happens before execution since, as I said, this is going to be executed from the 3DS, so I can't really run the compiled executable through some IDE tool that sends stuff to GDB or whatever, that won't work.
Consoles / Unnamed 3DS homebrew
May 12, 2016, 08:25:32 AM
First of all, I'm looking for names :P
I thought about stupid stuff like Inkr3Dible (Ink, 3D, bullshyt), BesprInkl3D (same kind of things but less stupid than incredible...) or just Ink3D (but it looks too much like "Ink 3D" and not enough like "Inked" in my opinion...), etc, but nothing smart. So share if you have ideas.

Anyway, some of you may have seen on IRC that I'm working on that kind of ink battle game on my 3DS.
Here's what the ink system looked like when it was working (no idea how to embed videos).

Now you noticed that it was only working on the ground, and that's because it was almost hardcoded to work on a cube based world (kind of like Minecraft) only for the top face of the cube. But I thought that a cube based world was boring so I had to start everything over and here's what I have right now.

Yay ! no walls and no ink anymore :P
Well ok, I just did that quickly but that's obviously only the beginning. Maybe I don't have walls but you notice that I have a ground model that is only the ground, it's no longer cubes ;)
So yeah, that was me testing my multi-model code (because from what I've understood of citro3d, you can only have one "VBO" (of sorts) but you can display parts of it only, so if you want several "VBOs" you have to put them all together and know where they are so that's why it took some time to have that working, I had to do VBO management stuff (not hard but annoying to do right)).

So todo, re-do the ink system to work with the non-cube-based system (annoying too...) then I'll have problems because I have no idea how to do a multiplayer game on a 3DS :P

Also, if you have a 3DS that can't run homebrew and are interested in homebrew, you can Google "Plailect Guide". It should first explain what you can do in every situation you could be in (basically what firmware version you're on, what games you own, etc). Basically, if you're on 10.6 or under, you can do everything. On 10.7, you can do stuff but it's more annoying. On 11.0 I actually have no idea. And then follows a guide explaining how to mod your 3DS to get permanent homebrew access (and more -.-).

Thoughts ? People interested in testing (when there is actually something to test -.-) ? Etc.
Well, that title doesn't make any sense, so I'll explain obviously.

Basically, in C, you can have a function.

int min(int a, int b)
    return a<b ? a : b;

Great, but that's in the .c, in the .h you only have this:

int min(int a, int b);

Which means "that function exists, you can use it, and since it is probably documented you don't need to have its code to know what it does so just use it and don't look at the code".

Now, I'd like to do the same with a type. Say I have a typedef as follows:

typedef struct {
    int idk;
    float dunno;
} newType;

And I don't really want to give the details of it in the .h, just say that it exists and is usable, like a
typeexists newType
except that this probably doesn't work.

So, is it possible ? If so, how do I do it ?

edit Can't find anything on google. When I write "declare type" I get discussions about typedef, which "creates" a type, not says "it exists but we still don't know what it is".

Not sure this is the exact right place to post due to the "development" part but I didn't find another better place, so I'd assume it's here.

So, I have a SSD with some OSes on it, and I'd like to move everything that's on it to another SSD.
(The reason is that the first SSD is wasting a SATA port while the other one is on a mSATA one, so I can free a SATA port to have a HDD there).

I guess I have to do some dd stuff but I have some questions.

1) Does it matter that gparted says that the "old" SSD is 119.24GB and the "new" one is 111.79GB ? Will I not have problems copying a SSD to a smaller one ?
2) Do I have to run dd from a USB key (as I said, my OSes are on the "old" SSD, so I'm wondering if it's smart to copy my Arch partition from that Arch...)
3) Actually does anyone have a walkthrough or something ? I'm sure it's really just a matter of dd with the right options but I don't really want to write the wrong options :P

Thanks for reading and potentially helping :)
Quote from: Dudeman313 on February 10, 2016, 02:03:49 PM
BTW, are you ever going to finish SSBO? If you win TI-C 2016, you could finish it for the CE series.
Lol, suddenly off-topic :P
Well I didn't enter the TI-Concours. First because of its placement (I basically only had one week to do anything between two periods of work, so instead of entering, I chose to have some rest, but if the TI-Concours had been announced earlier (but way earlier, even the unofficial announcements on TI-Planet's chat weren't enough), I could have got two weeks there instead of one) but also because of its categories. I didn't expect Axe to be there, but why not Nspire C when there is Nspire Lua and ez80 C in the same category ? And the argument "because Ndless isn't always there and stuff" isn't valid in my opinion when you know that Ndless 4.0 came out before usable ("offline" and "all-in-one" (no "download this here and that there then link them somehow") are requirements for "usable") tools for ez80 C (02/01 and 28/01), which was allowed in the TI-Concours... Anyway, I can't win the TI-Concours if I didn't enter :P

And I have no idea if I'll finish SSBO on monochrome z80. It's written in a dead language (won't be ported to ez80 it seems) on a platform that no one uses anymore in France due to new laws... And I'd have to start it all over to "finish" it for the CE series. The good point with that is that at least it would be in C, so easily portable to other platforms.
Hello there.

Epharius wants to implement a feature like zStart's label menu (if zStart is installed press ON+Vars while editing a program and you'll see a list of all your labels which allows you to select the one you want and jump to it). But he is hesitating on the interface of that feature.

You have the choice between these features: press/hold a key (or two or whatever, we'll see what triggers the hook later) while editing...

  • then type the name of the label you want to jump to and PHASM will jump to it
  • and you see a menu listing all labels, which allow you to navigate through labels and select the one you want to jump to (zStart's way)
  • and you see the name of the nearest label in the code relative to the current cursor position, use Up and Down to choose previous/next and validate somehow (release keys, timeout, press a key, whatever, we'll see)
  • then press up/down to jump directly to the previous/next label without displaying any menu
  • a combination of the aforementioned choices
Consoles / 3DS dilemma, need advice
October 25, 2015, 05:29:17 PM
So, for quite some time now, I've been using pirating tools on my 3DS XL, but pirating nothing. I basically only use those tools for homebrews and other openness-related things that have nothing to do with piracy. You may think this is stupid, and yes it is, especially considering that this tool is really convenient to use for pirates, but really (read: REALLY) annoying to use for people like me. That's why I considered switching to a new hack that is now out and stable, and that suits my needs a lot better (a lot less pirate oriented but I don't care, and a lot (read: A LOT) more convenient to use).

The problem is that due to Nintendo trying to stop pirates, if I switch to that less pirate-oriented hack, I can't use any savegame I have got now, due to encryption incompatibilities. Yes, you read right, by trying to stop pirates, they also prevent people from leaving the pirates they never liked.

So my choice here is :
1) Keep using that stupid first hack even though I know that I can use something that is a lot better (and that actually works, I tried it)
2) Use the new one but lose my MH4U savegame (and other games' savegames too but I only care about my 500 hours on MH4U)

And actually, the real problem about MH4U isn't really farming items. It's really easy nowadays to get anything you want without even farming. So basically I could just do that...
But that's not the spirit. I'd like to keep my 500 hours or start over and play 500 hours then be able to say "I got my armors by farming them and I deserve them" instead of saying "well, I had armors I deserved but due to not being a pirate, I had to use hacks to get them back, flawless logic".

So, what would you do in my stead ?
Or alternatively, do you know if I can somehow get cartridges savegames using 4.X encryption to work on something that's expecting the newest encryption (whatever it is) ?
So yeah, I tried some music and video players here and there, but none was completely satisfying.

Features I want:

  • At least run on Windows. Bonus if Linux too. Bonus if OS X too.
  • Do not intercept Windows's volume control
  • Play all common formats (mp3, ogg, flac, wav, mp4, avi, wmv, ...)
  • Obviously display the image if that's a video
  • Do not reduce speed for some reason because I won't notice the difference of tempo but I'll notice if notes are too high or too low
  • Clear all kind of history when you leave
  • Have the ability to play in the background, when all windows are closed, and with a notification icon in the tray
  • Allow me to put a file at the end of the "to play" list if something is already playing but also have the ability to play two files at once when I double click a file in my explorer

Examples of players I tried:

  • VLC, it had all the features except the 2nd and 5th ones. Yes, it does change speed when you play. Maybe just 101% and 99% but I notice it.
  • MPV, it didn't support the last two wanted features
  • Clementine, it had everything except that it didn't clear history (and there is no option to automaticaly clear it, or it is well hidden) and it doesn't play videos

So, anything you'd recommend (and I didn't specify but it's obviously better if it's free) ?

Seems like GOM Player does what I need. The only problem is that you can't untick the "make Yahoo the default page and search engine for all installed browsers" -.-
Gaming / Life is Strange theories
June 30, 2015, 05:03:27 PM
You've been warned, don't read any further if you didn't play all episodes and plan on doing so.

I hope I am not the only one here to play LiS or I am going to feel alone here :D
So, anyone has theories about what will happen next ? Here are mine (unordered), feel free to share :)
And sorry if there are missing letters at some places, that keyboard is stupid.

We're totally going back to the first timeline. I think so because the clothes Max is wearing at the VC party in the preview at the end are the same she is wearing in the first timeline, and they are not the same as the ones she's got in the William-is-alive one.

I think that the accident with William happened between his car and David's bus (he's a bus driver in the alternate timeline). And he felt so guilty killing William in that accident that he became paranoid, refused to continue his job and became officer at Blackwell. Maybe he also felt in debt, wanted to protect William's family and married Joyce for that reason.

Complete random thought: Max's power may save lives but take others. That's why there are dead birds everywhere and even dead whales when she saves William. That's only for the balance of the world.

Chloe became paralyzed in a car accident she got in her new car. Still that balance of the world theory. If her father doesn't get an accident, she does.

Nothing about Rachel or Nathan :(
Anyone thinking something about them ?
A wild Hayleia appears :P

Well I was fed up with coding in Java for school projects so I decided to try to enter that contest and write some awesome ugly Axe again :D
I have the idea of the gameplay but I don't know how to call that.

So basically, you start at the top left corner of a 4x3 grid and your goal is to have the screen all blank. Move with the arrows to walk the tiles and lower their level. If you walk on a white tile, you lose. Edges wrap around.

The gameplay took 1 hour to write but now I need levels :P
It's probably going to take more time.
I installed Mobile Heal Pro some time ago for some reason I forgot. It is supposed to be an anti virus (and a lot more according to its GPlay description).

Why do I wonder if I should uninstall it ? I just received an email from them saying that Mobile Heal Pro allowed me to "manage my child device from anywhere, remotely", including :
-Antitheft and GPS tracking
-Backup of contacts/sms/call history
-Remote Lock
-Remote Alarm
-Remote Data Wipe

And you're going to tell me "you were aware of those features when you installed it no ? so why are you only scared now ?"
Well, because that email also says "your logins and password for your account are", followed with my login and generated password in clear...

So, should I uninstall it ?
Basically what the title says.

I tried something stupid like

(e9D95)() .9D95 to skip the AsmPrgm
DelVar "appvNope"

but there are some problems. It does run the program from the app, and the program runs fine, but when it exits, there are problems (basically, if after running the program, I just do a "Return", the calculator turns off and RAM Clears when turned on).

I am pretty sure matref knows the answer to my problem after doing AxeSh :P
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